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  1. My bet we will get Human Heart or a ihrer new Song on 21. June… new Planet… new Alien language
  2. Very interesting. I counted 11 planets(with the infinite symbol). Maybe we can look forward to 10 more songs? Higher power sounds great live.
  3. You are absolutely right. Sometimes I think Chris is lying to himself. For me this action with Stargate and now with Max Martin seems like they really want a new number 1 single ... But they forget that they got the last good singles with Brian Eno and Rik ... a bit weird the whole thing ...
  4. In the interviews, chris said they have a lot to share with us. They wanted to come out with it as early as 2020, but because of the pandemic it didn't work. it's clear to me that the new album is already finished. the boys are just waiting to see how the pandemic develops. They'll release the album when they think it's time for it. So to me it seems like the album is already finished. That they have now released the single and are observing the situation and want to release the album at the end of the year is due to the pandemic. They want to see how it develops
  5. i am also very curious about that... good job
  6. it isn't new. he has this since everyday life era... on his right hand he has a new tattoo. I am really amazed that there has been no leak yet. Really good job.
  7. I just checked out yesterday's performance in the Dell center. What I noticed Chris has a new tattoo on his right hand 4 or 5 symbols I couldn't see it exactly. During Yellow performance you can see it. But could it be the symbols we know from the Higher Power single cover? Maybe who can help? Edit: What great performance that was....
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