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  1. AMAZING SHOW. We were about three rows above the C stage and were able to touch a lot of the instruments as they went down with the roadies. We were also able (we were so lucky to get aisle seats) to reach over and shake hands with both Chris and Will as they went down (Guy and Jonny didn't see us). Will seemed to grateful and nice to see us freaking out over shaking his hand :) Overall a very very good one!
  2. ^ I do love that photo, considering I did it (baahahhahahhah my watermark) :sneaky: No passive aggressiveness, but it's nice when if you take a photo off a Tumblr blog or whatever, that you guys at least put a link? It took some time to get it to look like that....:)
  3. He said something like that he and Jonny always play for the same team and that their team had won :) Seriously how cute can they get.
  4. YES Fran has the loveliest voice, not like Chris's but gorgeous all the same. Also Andrew Bird has this fascinating quirkyness that could add a lot to a Coldplay song. :laugh3:
  5. EXACTLY. I've tried to explain this to people...my lovely mother and her boyfriend only know Chris because of Gwyneth anyway (bless them) but they've been force fed enough Coldplay to understand now....:rolleyes: There is most definitely a democracy, and probably more than a lot of bands around right now.
  6. "Your Allstars are fake." BWAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAAHHAA Guy would be that one bloke who notices :D
  7. YES I was just thinking of this! Noel is pretty good friends with Chris, too....:wink3: It would be an interesting mix. Other than that...hmm... I can't think of a female artist I'd see them working with. Rihanna sounded good but I can't really see another good voice that would work with Chris's. People always say Florence from F+M, but she's so operatic and it would come out wonky in my mind. But perhaps that's just my dislike of male/female duets in general :thinking: Jonas Bjerre pops into my head all of a sudden (of Mew). He's got an interesting vocal style...plus the whole band are ve
  8. I've got ones by Jonny and Will, and also a few by Phil too. They're very... different but fun reads all the same :dozey: Glad to hear you guys like these.
  9. Well, a very happy birthday to you, love. Glad I could help :lol: Chris can be quite hilarious (in his slightly unintentional way).
  10. The newby insomniac is back, with more lovely finds courtesy coldplay.com and the WayBackMachine. ;) I've gone through the website's 'journal' archives and found some very interesting updates written by Chris himself at various points of the Parachutes promotional years. I've also got some later ones by Jonny, Will, and Phil, which I'll save for later. Again, nothing changed but paragraph breaks. This one dates a bit later, and is signed from the whole band, though titled with Chris's name. It sounds very much like him, though! Again, I'm so ridiculously struck by what's w
  11. Oh, yay, people liked this! :D I'll put my feelers out for any other nuggets of this type...they are good to read. (Also, 11 thanks! :rolleyes:) No wait make that 14.
  12. Can't say I liked that at all...though at least he tried...
  13. I was having a rather difficult time falling asleep last night and found my way over to waybackmachine.com, where I had some fun taking screenshots of coldplay.com over the years. Messing about the years 2002-2003, I came upon this version of the site: Becuase it's waybackmachine, most of the links don't work, but I did find one very interesting thing at the "diary" section of the site sometime around 2002. These "diary" entries are very short and mostly by Phil regarding tour dates, but there is one actually written by Chris! It makes for very, very interesting reading. I put in some
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