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  1. I honestly like the Live video better, but the music video wasn't horrible
  2. oh my god i want both the shorts and jacket, they look awesome, especially if they're from the Charlie Brown video :D
  3. Oooh thats cool, hope they release it soon!, and HA I love Chris Martin, hes so cute when hes dancing! <3
  4. Mylo Xyloto IS AMAZING what are youtalking about, ALL their albums are AMAZING
  5. thats really hard like i cant make up my mind, but i would say mylo xyloto i know some people wouldnt agree but i really like it but i barely made my decision so i like them ALL:confused:
  6. thats so cool that they're making a PoC video but i hope rihanna doesn't reveal or show too much in the video like usual but shes amazing and i respect her :)
  7. your welcome, and thanks for the welcome

  8. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall is my favorite. I absolutely love it!:wink3: but that was hard:\
  9. Both of them are really AMAZING, wish i could play a guitar!:dazzled:
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