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  1. [ame=http://soundcloud.com/joezcool02/pitterpattercomplete-paradise]PitterPatterComplete-Paradise Inspired by Joezcool02 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame] Thanks for any tips this is my first music. It is loosely inspired by Paradise my favorite song let me know what you think! Joe x:shocked2::\:veryangry2::veryangry2::D:\ #meow
  2. New season of Glee starts soon guys Oppinions?
  3. Para Para Paralympics! does anybody else like the outfits worn by coldplay at the paralympics? Picture above :embarrassed::cry::):dozey::rolleyes::confused::stunned::shocked2::angry::o
  4. I agree that you are not a cover! This song is lovely I lsiten to it and it makes me sleep tonight
  5. currently in teh middle of death note live action film (y) totally different from teh manga and the anime. but whatever live action death note nuff said lol text it
  6. In all realities, Two of my interests are Glee and Coldplay. So why not try to reawaken those who were interested in both and are part of this thread? Seems logical to me
  7. Happy birthday postwhore

  8. agreed, but you cannot deny that the African singing does not give it the atmosphere it deserves
  9. I had a Coldplay dream last night. I didn't really see them. It was strange. Basically they were putting on a Mylo Xyloto concert where i live. All of my friends were there. I got into a night club and it had like the Jurassic park arcade game so i just played that. Then when i got to the enterence i found out there was a competition where you had to name as many other ticket-holders as you can and if you got over 3000 you got to like go back-stage and stuff. I got accused of cheating because i was able to guess 2998 and all i got was a small plush toy that looked like sackboy from little big planet but it had like a mylo cover to it. Then I dont even remember the concert. I remember they didn't play any songs from Mylo Xyloto though. It was annoying...
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