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  1. Wow.... it's a great drawing... wish I knew how do to it... congrats.
  2. For me..."LOW" is the worst track of the album. Period :P.
  3. ^^ a half hour show usually contains 8-9 minutes of comercials. So make it 21 minutes long..;) 120 megs in a nice .avi format with a nice codec.
  4. ^^ eww.... Now to the subject.... "Fix You" lyrics are beautiful. Call me stupid, but I like "The Hardest Part" too...:P
  5. Eyeglasses my friend ;)
  6. AeCr_05

    story tellers

    I don't want to start a fight AT ALL.... but I have to say this: Those lyrics and those chords have made more money that you'll probably gonna see ever in your life, my friend. Call them simple, call them stupid... but do not forget to call them a success.
  7. ^^ I don't think the file's gonna be small enough to be uploaded there....
  8. Wow..... and to think that the yellow ones made to raise money for cancer research were only $1 makes it look like $8 is just too much....
  9. YES!! I think I'm gonna get one of those when I buy it here in Venezuela. Yesterday I went to the shop and they told me that Stupid EMI hadn't shipped the discs, but then the guy told me they would be shipped in about two weeks and there would be a special "surprise" YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :D
  10. ^^ HEY! :angry: Venezuela is between Colombia and Brazil.... So VENEZUELA should be added to that list too. Period. :P:P:D
  11. aww.... ^^ good luck .... As for me... hmmm "Fix You" is my favorite song off the album. Others I LOVE are: "Swallowed In The Sea", "The Hardest Part" and "'Til Kingdom Come". Of course, it all depends on my state of mind. Sometimes I'm totally into the fast tracks and won't listen to the slow ones, and sometimes it's the other way around. Currently I'm into the slow ones. Ohh, but one I can't stand listening is "Low". Ugh, I HATE it.
  12. I Googled it and found those lyrics under "Swallowed in The Sea" in a lyrics site. I already sent the real lyrics for correction ;)
  13. AeCr_05

    conspiracy theory

    ^^well... given the fact that they're on the same label...... they SHOULD be mad....:P
  14. they showed on yesterday's "All Eyes on Coldplay". As everyone has said, it's to make the MTF logo more "noticeable"... and they look sooo cool :D I want em... :P
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