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  1. Super oldplayer here. This isn't Coldplay. It's not intended to be. This is the 4 members of Coldplay collaborating with others for a special festival. Music is/ has been transitioning. It is communal. It is collaborative. The days of one artist/ band slogging away by themselves in the studio are going away. Old artists are becoming producers who will be bringing up next gen artists. This is very much what the boys are doing here. but their fingerprints are everywhere. Johnny's r&b groove through verses. Lots of Guy bass and programming. 2:35 Chris' piano is lit. Will expan
  2. Spoilers...perhaps. Very emotional experience, that film. Took me back to hearing Yellow for the first time while listening to radio 1 online as a lad living on the east coast, USA, some 17 years ago. It's astonishing that they have been making this film for 20 years. Honestly, unbelievable and I'm so glad I can watch it again on Amazon Prime. There's literally so much there. I was also surprised about Clocks not being mentioned. They left the door open during the part focussing on "making it in America," yet left it alone. Honestly fascinating. I felt the same euphoria after watching
  3. hello friends, super old player here. I think I joined this site in like 03 after hearing clocks on Radio 1. You're all right about everything. Since high school the one constant in my life has been coldplay. GS gave me hope. "All I Can Think About is You" is like a love child between AROBTTH and X&Y with a modern synth. It gives me hope. Now this Oldplayer will go back into the shadows... jonny
  4. Arriving a bit late to the party. If somebody could pm this oldplayer sole love I'd be grateful.
  5. oh wait so they're performing tonight? I guess it is friday. :embarrassed:
  6. If artists painted the same paintings in the same style over and over we'd be quite tired of it. It's growth, it's trajectory, just hold on and enjoy the ride.
  7. I'm an oldplayer. AROBTTH is the best album of all time. I love AOAL for what it is. I'm not worried about this album. We've been through this before and somehow we're all still posting on the coldplay FAN board. Cheers.
  8. well since some old timers are showing up.... remember when the board was hacked and the hacker took over the arnie account and gave some of us an ungodly amount of power? That was sometime after the XY era.... good times.
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