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  1. Hello, If it isnt any trouble, could you re-upload the Sparks live you posted in this thread: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25515 I would really appreciate it!!! I love that song!! Thank You!

  2. Hello, Coldplayer! Please could you be so kind and re-upload Politik(Wartimes) video??? Because as I read there http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28563 - you had it!) Please! I think you're the only person who could help me)

  3. happy birthday, have a great day :)

  4. I sent you a friend request cuz you don't have any. lol Please let me be your friend. :)

  5. Hi can u help me ripp life of ryan episodes of mtv overdrive??? byhelp i mean can u do it for me please?

  6. What a clever and fantastic theme! :cheesy: I can picture the album feeling very iridescent...SO excited! :dance:
  7. I just realized I've been using the old link...it's still up and running like a champ! (Hi Tina! It's great seeing you again! :cheesy:)
  8. OH MYYYYY!! Just look at that smile, he looks so happy! Our boy has grown up SO much! :cheesy::mad::mad: He's gonna be a heartbreaker, so cute! :heart: Thanks loads for the update Naddie! :cheesy::dance:
  9. Much apologies guys, Yamster's design is unfortunately too small for CafePress, they request the images to be 2000x2000 or we risk having the shirts coming out very pixelated once printed. One of Zemy's designs will be in the shop instead (hopefully!) I just sent him a message. Thanks for the patience everybody! :vanish:
  10. Ooh a Decemberists thread! :cheesy: I listen to Picaresque the most, so I guess that one is my favorite but it's hard to say! Their instrumentation is brilliant, but I have never seen a frontman be as verbose and poetic and so able with words and storytelling like Colin. And (geek alert!) I just love catching the bits of sibilance and his consonantal and vocalic alliteration while listening. So clever.. me loves! :smart:
  11. The site is usually redone (or slightly altered) every year, it seems. 1999 2000 late 2000 - 2001 late 2001- 2002 2002 2003 From 2004 onward it's been the customizable flash site with all the different album and singles skins. They changed the front photo pretty often, though. (There's more but the laziness :wacko:) The site has always changed relatively often so it doesn't necessarily mean a new album this year, but it would certainly be nice! :cheesy:
  12. Oh.. Oxjam is in October. Aw, gutted. :embarassed: I get complicated late this year with school and a big job, my time off of both would be in December. But I'll definitely ask for that week early enough and see what happens, I'll keep you posted Trace.
  13. Alright very well so! We received the batch of CDs the other day for those without a credit card. We ordered 15 (there's 12 available now) so get them while they're hot and smell good! :lol: Just PM Nadia or myself for payment details or for any questions at all. :happy:
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