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  1. Wow, wabbit's been working so hard to get us picks since forever. Should be member of the month!! =)
  2. THE AMOUNT OF FANGIRLING I HAVE DONE OVER THIS VIDEO. OMG. :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled:
  3. Awww, that's really nice. I'm happy for you :) Hope I can meet them too, someday. xx

  4. I really feel grateful and lucky that I had the chance to meet Chris (twice !!) and Jonny once. It was in Paris after a TV show and a concert last fall. Chris is really lovely (as much as I had imaginated), each time he was leaving in his car and he stopped it to come to see us (we were just 10-15 people waiting) !! I don't think any other singers would have done that. Meeting Jonny and Chris is in the highlights of my life ! I wish I could meet Guy and Will one day too.

  5. ^ Well, that's not nice of her to say... :confused:
  6. LOL, Lory, you're funny. Of course we know that he's married and we can't have him. But it's okay to dream right? :rolleyes: Plus... we're not "groupies" we're just dedicated fans ;)
  7. Today is birthday to Will ;)

  8. Hey, omg did u get to take a pic with chris? Your so lucky! Can u please tell me how it happened? :D

  9. Owh man, wish there was some buckin in this...:\
  10. Thank you. :nice:

  11. No it didn't trend, unfortunately. People were busy with the Teen Choice Awards. But I know "Coldplay Good Luck On TCA" trended in Brazil :) and this happened just a few days ago... [IMG] STAY TUNED FOR #HappyBirthdayWillChampion on the 31st!! :nice: Cheers x

  12. Awww! That's so cool, I'm happy for you, glad u met him :) Cheers x

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