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  1. A huge big thank you to Yu-Tong for my Secret Santa which arrived just before Christmas. I loved reading your letter- it was great to hear your views Scotland and all things Scottish and thank you so much for your drawing of Chris (my favourite). There hasn't been much snow here yet this year however I have changed my avatar to a picture I took of my little boy and his snowman a few years ago just for you. :)
  2. got my match too- thanks SantaClaus.
  3. I'm in too. Totally made my Christmas last year when my secret santa arrived on Christmas eve :santa2:
  4. anytime- just sorry I couldn't help in the end. good to see that other people are trying to help you out :)
  5. Well done everyone that got tickets- enjoy the show guys. Tried for both London shows but it wasn't to be for me this time- I was hoping to take my little boy to see his first gig but I just didn't have any luck- we are two very gutted people this evening :(
  6. Hi again- I'm so sorry I didn't manage to get any tickets :cry: I wish I could have helped you out- hope someone else who got tickets sees this and can get you a t-shirt Sorry again :(
  7. NOOOOOOO- I'm at work!!!!!! This is SO unfair :(
  8. almost half an hour of Service Busy, Bad Gateway and Error then I finally get in and it says "Coldplay tickets have now sold out" :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
  9. I still can't get in- all the tickets will be gone by now I guess. Heartbroken :(
  10. 10 mins to go- I'm off to buy me some tickets (fingers crossed!!!!) See you all on the other side- be lucky.
  11. so nervous and excited- an hour to go!!!!!!!! good luck all :D
  12. Good luck tomorrow everyone- hope I'm one of the lucky ones!!!!
  13. WOW- that's great!!!!! So excited for you- have a great time. So glad to hear someone on here has managed to get some tickets :)
  14. So did anyone on here get a presale code??? Nothing for me- hoping that some of you have been lucky.
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