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  1. This happened to me as well! I received the t-shirt and vinyl on separate days, and neither came with the pin
  2. I really love the retro spacey feel of that image. It's an excellent foil to the aesthetic of Everyday Life, and it lends credence to the theory of Everyday Life and LP9 being complements/opposites in some way. Everyday Life has been an amazing era so far, and I'm sad to see it coming to an end so soon, but I'm also super excited and intrigued by the LP9 concept.
  3. Wait, what? I'm very out of the loop on this, lol. Why do they hate spheres? To be fair, before this era I would have said it was unlikely they would announce an album via personal letters to fans, but I see your point. Even when working on GS / AHFOD in tandem, the two eras never overlapped with one another. That being said, why leave in the reference if they wound up scrapping that idea? Other than an EP or the next album, I'm not sure what could be "important" enough to be given a two-page spread in the album booklet. Were there ever any references to Zero Theory after it became
  4. So, I listened to the album in full last night as soon as I got home. Weirdly, though I liked it, it didn't immediately "hit" me. Some songs I loved immediately (When I Need a Friend had my jaw on the floor and I had the biggest tearful grin on my face while listening to Champion of the World), but others I was just so thrown by because they were so different from what I had come to expect from Coldplay. I went to bed, got up this morning and put the album on again while I caught up on NaNoWriMo. And I found that, all at once, I was loving every bit of it. . . . It's been on repeat since
  5. You guys I actually gasped when I heard this one. Those harmonies are fucking gorgeous. There are some real stand-outs on this album but When I Need a Friend might be in my top 3.
  6. "Daddy, it's my birthday" Held it in until that line :sob:
  7. ^ Didn't Guy just have a son? Maybe they hadn't had a name picked out yet when the booklets went to print
  8. Coldplay is making it real difficult to wait until Friday to listen to the full album. Thank goodness for long hours at work? :joy:
  9. I remember a joke version of this thread from back in, like . . . the MX days. It's a little surreal to be close enough to LP9 that the real version is now relevant. Especially considering LP8 isn't even out yet :joy:
  10. ^ EL doesn't seem much like a traditional second single though (Disclaimer, I haven't actually listened to it). For one, aren't second singles usually released in-tandem with the full album? So you essentially get both on the same day, and the music video just functions as an extra bit of marketing. Though this era has just been quite unique in general, so who knows what's going to happen *shrugs*
  11. Y'all are not making it easy for me to resist listening to this song :joy: It's a big enough struggle to avoid EL!
  12. Too early for a ranking from me (especially since I'm holding out on listening to EL until the full album drops), but it seems promising so far. I put it above MX/GS/AHFoD, but not sure if it will climb above any of their older albums :D
  13. Gonna try to hold out until the album release to listen to Everyday life, as I don't want to spoil the last track of the album! We shall see how long I last . . . The reviews from you all are interesting, though. Viva-era strings, similar to Fix You, but ends abruptly? And someone on Reddit compared it to AROBTTH (the song). I'm very intrigued . . .
  14. I've been looking around for a live stream and haven't found one. The NBC Universal stream is "free" but apparently there is some subscription needed to view their live shows. But, their website is not very helpful in actually finding this subscription *eyeroll*
  15. Interesting that they would choose their album closer as the second single, if indeed that's what that screenshot means. Coldplay's closers are always among the best songs on their albums, but they've never had that "single" vibe. Plus, if that is the next single I'm going to have to go hide in a hole somewhere, lol. I don't want the very last song to get spoiled!
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