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  1. It's great isn't it? First thing I look at when I get up, get home and before I go to bed! Welcome!
  2. Looks like someone has been strangling him or biting :thinking !!!
  3. And obviously no surprise appearance at Glastonbury !
  4. Lovely photos and what a great Dad he is, lucky children!
  5. So where is the scratch on his nose???
  6. Apparently Alexa and Alex Turner have rekindled their romance after meeting again at Jamie Cooks wedding according to my Sunday paper!
  7. Thank you so much :happy::happy::happy::happy:
  8. Does anyone know if we can get to see the US Voice in England?
  9. I agree and those of us lucky enough to get to see them will make him realise how much love there is for him.
  10. I think Chris has had the 'G' inked over into a heart now.
  11. I know it's like a big black cloud hanging over us especially after we were so excited about Ghost Story. Hope you do well in your exam, good luck .
  12. Life is good! The forum is back and LP6 starts tomorrow, oh the pictures, the posts, can't wait!
  13. Welcome Priscilla! I don't have the skills of all the others, I just look in everyday and enjoy it all!!:D
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