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  1. Birds!!!!!. I really really tried and just couldn't get into it.. I used this time during the AHFOD concert to post pics and reply messages.
  2. Initially planned to stay at the Crown Plaza across the stadium, just for the night after the concert but I think it would be better to drive back right after the show. Austin is not that far away, so I'm hoping it should be alright. For those of you flying in or out this weekend, I would seriously reconsider. And there are people bashing Coldplay for putting their lives at risk, tsk tsk. I'm pretty sure the entire crew would like to survive as well.
  3. Just read from some people on the NRG facebook forum, flights cancelled out of dallas.
  4. I'm so excited to see them again. Floor seats in Row K. We're coming from Austin and still have not figured out the parking situation. What is everyone doing for parking. I'd appreciate any tips or recommendations you can share.
  5. Anyone been to a concert at the NRG stadium? I got some floor seats in section K. Not sure how the view is from there.
  6. Got mine too this morning. Saw them in Dallas TX Aug 27th 16. cannot wait to see them in Houston August 25th 17!!!!!!!!!:bliss: Hopefully they're done adding Texas dates, cuz it'll suck if they added another Texas city- highly doubt it though... I'm already dreading the Houston Traffic!
  7. I thought the song was weird (different) at first but after listening to Army of One and transitioning to XMTS it flows nicely. Could be because Army of One is my favorite song in the album so i'm still in a state of euphoria when XMTS starts :)
  8. my favorite song of the album. I almost feel like it could mesh with Paradise
  9. wow that was an amazing what you guys did greeneyes :) One thing i have learnt from going to concerts is that, if you have nosebleed seats, or too far away, dont give up lol. We kept getting told it was a sold out concert. You just never know who you might meet. Walk around, make new friends, its easier to bond as we were all there for one purpose. You just never know who might let you stand next to them. Towards concert time when everyone is standing, no one notices who is on what seat, esp floor level. Also standing out from the rest will get you upgraded pretty quick :D, get there early, wear something that stands out, show excitement even when you think no one's looking hehe. Next thing on my bucket list-meet coldplay. sigh
  10. Hey Thekorymiller if you havent seen the video yet, i believe youtube already has some uploads of the concert.[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXCDNzDI8QM]Yellow - YouTube[/ame] here is one,
  11. 'Cause you use your heart as a weapon And it hurts like heaven
  12. Exactly my point, well said violetsparks
  13. It does not bother me much, its just the fact that, he took the time to make up a list, of someone he apparently hated so much. Who cares what the opening act is, my goal is to see coldplay. If coldplay wants to use a rock, pop, jazz, country, trance, disco, artist for their opening act, i jump and scream, I'm there to have a blast. I know my section did. There were some older people around us who didnt know who she was, ofcourse not their type of music but they graceful clapped and had fun regardless of whether they knew who she was. The only ignorance i see is in you and your pathetic list of reasons lol. Go RObyn Go JayZ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's fucking COldplay!
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