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  1. Hey! I'm SO sorry that I've taken FOREVER to tell you about my concerts! It's just been so insanely busy all week, and I haven't had the chance to get on the actual computer in forever! I've finally written you a PM telling you about my first Muse concert, and I PROMISE to send you a 2nd PM to tell you about my 2nd concert very soon! I feel really bad for how long it's taking me to tell you about them both, I hope you understand! :)

  2. Haha, that's fine--I love PM's actually! :laugh3: Especially because I ALWAYS go over the character limit of a visitor message and have to shorten it. Like seriously, every time! :lol: And sorry once again for such a late reply!! :) Hope you don't mind! :P

  3. Hey there! I sent you a PM because I wrote a whole lot, and I was too lazy to separate it into chunks, haha! :)

  4. I'm sorry that this post is only about one topic, but it's the only topic I can think about at the moment: LIVE 2012!!!! WHAT DID YOU THINK?!?!?!?!?! :stunned:

  5. We're terrible at replying back to each other quickly, lol! It's no big deal, though! ;) We've done a good job keeping in contact, though, so it's nothin'! :) Honestly, I'm not a "painter", but I paint Coldplay lyrics. I design a background, and paint the lyrics over the picture. I honestly like them a lot! I should add them to an album on here. I scan all of my paintings, and share them to Facebook! I wish I could sing! I don't sing very well, but that doesn't stop me from singing! You should definitely take up more drama! Thank you so much! I'm having a lot of fun with this play! It's been a very time-consuming process, but it'll turn out in the end! :D I owe you because you've really helped me get into Muse! :D Are you going to go see Live 2012 in theaters on the 13th?! I got my tickets today, and I'm so pumped! I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to the release!!! :laugh3:

  6. Sorry for the late reply! :P Really you love to paint and draw? :D What sorts of things do you like to draw and paint? I'm huge on drawing and painting. I usually draw and paint in sprees though. Like, I won't draw or paint anything for awhile, and then when I get back into it, it's all I do for awhile! :laugh3: But yes you're so right! Drama kids are just like one big family! You just spend so much time with each other and have so much fun together! Some of my best friends are my fellow drama kids. xD And yeah, I am lucky that I'm able to sing. It's one of my favorite things EVER so I'd be pretty bummed if I couldn't carry a tune. :lol: I'm planning on taking up more drama soon. :D Sorry you didn't get the lead, but congrats on getting a fairly big part anyway! :dance: And yeah you're right--you'll get your turn! Oh and OMG yes!! I ADORE Muse's new album. It's so unique and different and I love how they're trying new things. It's ALL I've been listening to recently! :heart:

  7. Why thank you! :D I would've sobbed through the Paralympics, too. I just couldn't get over how colorful it was... I am pretty artistic, to be honest. I love to paint, and act, and draw. It's a good thing that you didn't chicken out! You should be so proud of yourself. Doing a whole musical in French is astonishing! Everyone becomes so close by the end of a show. Drama kids are like a big ol' family. You're so lucky that you're able to sing well! I love to sing, but I'm not very good at it. I can sing in character, but there's no way that I'm going to be the "next big female artist", you know? :) You should definitely take up more drama!!! I didn't get the lead, sadly enough. But, I did get a fairly big part. I was told that the girl who got the part (the drama club president), was influenced by the fact that she's a senior this year. All the leads are seniors. I'm not going to take it TOO hard. I'll get my turn! :) The emoticon is too cute! So, Muse's new CD! Do you love it? :)

  8. I'm probably a better singer than actress...I try really, really hard at acting but my dad is an amazing singer and thankfully I was able to get a tad bit of his talent. I'm nowhere near as good as he is, but I have more natural singing talent than acting talent. I'd really like to do more drama in the future and actually thought about taking some acting classes. I don't know, seems like it might be a cool experience and who knows, it could really help me. :D Well best of luck in getting lead role in the play you're entering!! That is a bit intimidating that your competition is the drama club president, but I'm sure you've got it in you to beat whoever!! :dance: You'll have to tell me as soon as you find out anything! Fingers crossed for you! Haha I know! It's seriously my favorite emoticon on here: :loveshower: Plus, it totally describes what I'm feeling right now, with one of my favorite bands, Muse, releasing their new CD tomorrow! I'm SO excited I could die!! :laugh3: :bliss:

  9. No problem! :nice: A tribute to toast? Cool! Toast is awesome!! :laugh3: I'll bet you're good at making comedies, as you're very humorous just in your writing alone! :D That's amazing that you were only 12 and you beat out high schoolers!! You should be so proud! And thank you! May we both have great luck in pursuing our goals!! :dance: Oh gosh, I'd give anything to have been able to experience the Paralympics in person (though I probably would have been crying so hard I wouldn't have even been able to watch at all :lol:) But yeah, you did strike me as a drama kid. Somehow, you just struck me as sort of the artistic type, I think. :D Haha, cool! I'm glad I make you giddy. :laugh3: Yeah, the French musical was complicated, and I just almost chickened out at the end, but I'm so glad I didn't because it was a lot of fun. I got to make a lot of cool friends from that play with the other actors, and I also got to learn a good bit of French! :D

  10. Thank you so much! You make me giddy, Glyn! ;) That's awesome! Congrats on your leads! A French musical? Sounds complicated, but I'm sure you had a great time! I'm a better actor than singer, but I can do both. Wow, all in French, though... That's too cool. Thanks! The good luck is definitely needed! I'm trying very very VERY hard for the lead role in the play we're entering. My only competition is a senior who's also been in every school production, and is the drama club president. *sigh* I'm not sure what role I have yet, but my drama teacher was saying that there will most likely be callbacks for the main parts, so I'm feeling a bit iffy about getting the part... But, I really hope I do! Okay, that's seriously the cutest emoticon, by the way! (Oh my goodness, I write so much. Lol!)

  11. Ugh, I'm terrible. All week I've been thinking, "I need to reply. I need to reply." Gah! I'm finally replying, though. Like I said before, I've been so busy with schoolwork and drama. Wembly is the coolest name! Oh my goodness, I love it so much! 10/10 for your kitty's name! :D I have won awards, county wide though. I made a news story and I also made a comedy. It was called, "A Toast to Toast". The whole video was a tribute to toast, but hey, people thought it was funny. It was awesome, though. I was only 12 and I beat out high schoolers. Definitely one of my proudest moments! Thank you, thank you! Good luck pursuing your goals, too! :D I was bawlling my eyes out during the Paralympics, too! Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful, and colorful, and extravagant. How I wish that I could've been there! I really struck you as a drama kid?! That's awesome!!! I adore drama. :D

  12. Had to finish out my last comment in a second one since I always go over the character limit lol. But that's awesome you got lead role!! I somehow managed to get lead role in two plays and it was SO much fun. One was a musical, and entirely in French! So I had to work on an accent and also sing in French, which was quite intimidating, but ended up being a great experience! :laugh3: OMG good luck with entering for Florida's district-wide competition at school!! Yay for drama!! :lol: :loveshower: <---don't you just love that emoticon. :wideeyed:

  13. He's cute! :wideeyed: I have three kitties & I love them, but my one kitten (named Wembley, after Wembley Stadium in England because...yes, I am that obsessed with music xD) is such a trouble-maker and loves to literally run up people. And yes, with his claws. :O :lol: Really you won awards for short videos you made? :shocked2: How awesome!! Can I ask what they were about? Underwater Videographer would be SO epic but all of your goals are equally awesome really. Best of luck in pursuing them all! :D And really it's quite all right if you can't always reply so often, I know how it is to get busy, especially during school days!! OMG I was basically bawling my eyes out during the Paralympics. It's so crazy, every time I see CP perform, I can't help but cry! And the Paralympics were extra, extra special. :heart: And awesome! Somehow, you struck me as a theatre kid. That might sound weird lol but I love drama so much & seem to have a knack for spotting fellow drama kids. :lol:

  14. I had a leading role in my school's spring play last year as a freshman! :D That's one of my biggest accomplishments to date. :laugh3: (I've also done two musicals, but acting is where my heart is! I've done a few little roles, too.) We're working on pieces to enter for Florida's district-wide competition at school. I'm so excited! This'll be my first year competing. I'm nervous, but I know it'll be a lot of fun! So to answer your question, yes. I adore drama! :D

  15. Thank you for the compliment on my kitty! :)He's nice. (But, he's pretty dang annoying, too. :laugh3:) I don't blame you for being happy about catching up! I'd be excited for Culinary school, too! You'll have a lot of fun! I'm an art nut, too. ;) Yes! I really have my eyes set on getting my degree in film! I'm award winning in my county for some short videos I've made! (Did I already say that?) I'd kill to be an underwater videographer, though. :) I'm really excited about getting my scuba cert, though! Thank YOU for following me! I'm going to try my best to be proactive about writing back to you! I feel awful about taking so long to reply. I can't even find the words to describe how amazing the Paralympics were! It's funny that you say that about drama because I'm a HUUUGE theatre kid. :D

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