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  1. thank you so much youre so kind!!! yeah i'm broke now hahahaha. im going to make a tshirt also! :dance:
  2. oh my god im gonna watch them in melbourne next november and i actually live in indonesia so i gave up everything to see them!!! please wish me luck i wanna get an upgrade so so so bad my seat is so far away from the stage but if i dont get it then it's fine cause it's coldplay... but still wish me luckk!! hehehe :):):):):):(:(:(:( sooooo exciteddddd
  3. whoa im living in indonesia and i waaanttt thiss :D
  4. so so so so excited!!!! we're going to be the best crowd ever!!! :dance::dance::dance:
  5. thank you for all the warm welcome!!!! so happy to share the love i have for coldplay with everyone! :):)
  6. Hey! I'm April! :D I saw your message on the Melbourne thread, I'm defs going!! :dance: I'm actually that excited, you have no idea! And I'll be lining up REALLY REALLY early (as in 7am early as I live close to the city!). I think there's a couple of other Coldplayers who'll be doing the same, but then I'm not sure that they'll be getting there as early as me :laugh3: Are you standing or sitting? I'm in field A standing, entering through gate 9. I'd love to meet up before the show! I'll be playing amazing music, eating candy, and generally having a good ol' time :awesome: I'm SO EXCITED for November!! :dance:

  7. anyone going to the melbourne concert? :) hi! anyone going to the melbourne concert in november?? im looking for a friend to go with me to the venue super early.. :) im hoping to meet the boys!!! actually im still not sure in which forum i should ask this kind of question :( im a newbie :) if anyone is interested in going to wait for them with me, please let me know! :D
  8. Hello riley! I'm going to their concert in Melbourne! Any tips? :D
  9. thank you so much!! any tips?? :D
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