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  1. There are amazing videos on YouTube which cover the whole concert. Amazing work, great to watch, high quality in picture and sound , but I ask myself if the moviemaker have seen the show only on their small camera screen [emoji15]?
  2. This arena is still a stadium, the roof is 54 meters high and there is enough space for fireworks! U2, Robbie Williams, ACDC and many more have been there before with fireworks, even if it is adapted to the construction!
  3. Der Versand ist unterschiedlich und hängt meines Erachtens auch vom Veranstalter und Vertriebspartner ab. Wenn man die Tickets erst kurz vor dem Termin versendet, erschwert das den Schwarzmarkt (eBay) erheblich, weil der Faktor Zeit eng wird. Dem "normalen" Zuschauer ist es ja egal, so lange die Tickets rechtzeitig da sind... Und für Weihnachten: Gutschein basteln, kreativ sein! Eventim ist da anders, bietet für den resale ja eine eigene Plattform , wo wieder verdient wird.
  4. There was a presale on wednesday 10:00 at eventim and ticketmaster. Standing Tickets sold out quickly. I haven't seen any Standing tickets today when the official sale started. I have't even seen a difference between presale and official sale.
  5. These are Standing tickets on the tribune in the North, opposite side than the stage... behind the field, far far away...
  6. It doesn't look like they kept a lot of ticktets for the offical sale. Only a few tickets left on Eventim and Ticketmaster.
  7. Nobody knows how many tickets have been sold today on this "exclusive" presale... What was "exclusive" with this presale? Eventim had it, ticketmaster had it, everyone could use it... At 10:10 no tickets were available, later on tickets came back, probably because some customers didn't finished their orders and nearly all categories were available and still are. And what will happen on friday with the offical sale ? Happy to have FOS2 , the layout of the stage posted above with a stage in the middle and the back Looks like they will move a lot...
  8. FOS2 right still availlable on ticketmaster. Still closer than other tickets and a small block if the stage design posted above is correct
  9. ticketmaster still working here... Yes, I fell alittle bit nervous... :D
  10. So, let's see if this works... Thanks again to Susan from Pennsylvania!
  11. I received my card from Susan today , all the way from York Haven in Pennsylvania to Cologne , Germany! Thank you very much. I haven't found her nickname... Now , waitung for the snow to fall!!! I would like to post a photo , perhaps someone can send me a PM how to do... THX
  12. I think that there are better chances to receive mail form Secret Santa than seeing snow this year - with up to :cool::cool::cool:12 degrees Celsius in Cologne today... 2nd post!
  13. Happy you liked it, I should put in some sweets next time... :):\ And yes, this is my first post :D But I haven't received anything - still waiting for the snow to fall...
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