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  1. I would just call them and explain
  2. Gahhh The 1975 tickets sold out at the same time. Got one for Eliza and the Bear though
  3. Total fucking joke once again. No rationale as to who gets through... just pot luck
  4. There's no point buying gallery tickets is there? So what's next best? Choir or circle restricted?
  5. I can't believe how expensive this is. There's no split between the shitty seats and the dear ones
  6. The stream quality is excellent if it weren't stuttering all the time. Has anyone that is recording it had a solid stream?
  7. Atlas would probably only beat True Love for me because the first two minutes of Atlas are so dull. Instant skipper when it comes on shuffle.
  8. My understanding: O is 7 minutes on the standard edition because of the two minute gap. The part after Fly On is a hidden track. But on the DELUXE edition, the 2 minute gap wouldn't make sense because there are still tracks after O. So they cut the silence out.
  9. I like that thought. And O (Reprise) kind of makes me think of a silent battlefield strewn with bodies. "Don't ever let go."
  10. Paddy

    Ghost Story

    (And of course the equivalent traditional record shops internationally. Don't know any names of those.)
  11. Paddy

    Ghost Story

    Would it have killed them to do a HMV deluxe edition? Insane decision to limit it to one country
  12. Paddy

    Ghost Story

    Slowly rising to the top of the favourite Coldplay songs list
  13. Always In My Head Magic All Your Friends Ink Midnight Another's Arms Ghost Story Oceans A Sky Full Of Stars O
  14. Paddy

    Ghost Story

    Cannot. Turn. This. Song. Off
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