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  1. I'm going to try my luck and get tickets even though I'm in Brisbane. I'm not liking my chances with such a small venue though...
  2. For the sake of this question, let's say that O and O Part 2 are one big track that end the album. Where would you slot in All Your Friends and Ghost Story so it runs the smoothest for you? I'd put All Your Friends after Another's Arms and Ghost Story after A Sky Full of Stars.
  3. It's a bit hard to rank them at the current time as I'm a lot more used to certain tracks, but Always In My Head, Another's Arms and Midnight are my favourites from the ones we've known about for a while now. As for the newcomers, I really enjoyed Ink and True Love quite a lot. It'll be interesting to see how they hold up after repeated listens. O is a spectacular track and I love the little outro, which I assume is the bit which is actually titled O. Amazing. Now for the weak spot on the album for me: Oceans. I'm not really feeling this one at all. It just sounds so unnatural and unenthusi
  4. Has anyone mentioned the album Singles by Future Islands yet? Definitely my favourite of 2014 so far.
  5. It's only 2 weeks away, not three, seeing as it comes out here and Germany on the 16th. That being said, I think it'll be at least another week before we see any leaks.
  6. I agree that all of those type of posts are annoying, the X&Y love/hate discussion currently seems to be the big one that keeps popping up every couple of days at the moment, but honestly it doesn't really matter. It's giving fans at all different stages of their Coldplay interest a chance to join in on discussions. I rarely get any new information out of them just as it seems you guys do, but I still like the fact that they're keeping the subreddit active.
  7. I saw that post on reddit just before it got taken down. I don't understand why it was deleted either, seeing as it didn't break the rules by providing any links. Just speculation and it could have created discussion.
  8. It's only 3pm where I am at the moment, so definitely the perfect time for me for something like this to happen. I'm not really holding my breath though. We're really not going off of much here.
  9. This all seems pretty suspicious to me. I know the specific site that this is rumoured to be on, but even with all the exclusiveness, I'd still be taking this news with a grain of salt.
  10. I don't get why a lot of people think 9 tracks seems odd for Coldplay. If you don't count the 46 second title track, then Parachutes only has 9 songs too...
  11. Sparks A Whisper Til Kingdom Come 42 UFO
  12. I'm in Australia and still yet to recieve anything... :/
  13. I got an email saying that 1 package has shipped with two items in it: COL55948 Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Comic Series Issue 1 1 COL55949 Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Comic Series Issue 1 1 Both issue 1? Although the serial numbers seem to be different.
  14. I still haven't recieved #1 yet either. This is quite annoying. I thought we definitely would have had them by now...
  15. I haven't received them yet either. All I have so far is an email I got confirming my order details and an order number. I checked my Account balance and my 'available balance' is 38 dollars less than my overall balance, which is exactly how much the comics were. So it looks like it's prepped to approve the payment.
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