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  1. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  2. uhm.........U2? lol.
  3. i said a year..not two! i know x and y came out on my bday and i saw them in concert and was less than 5 feet away from chris martin.
  4. I haven't been here for...a year atleast I think. I used to live on here...wow. I'm defo out of the loop, but I used to have fam here..mimi, berrywoman, ari. wow. i miss this place. well hi all, i'm not exactly a noob.
  5. ^^ Because only Veritgo was nominated last year, the album and other singles were not eligible yet. BY THE WAY GUYS I GOT SOME TICKETS LAST NIGHT!!! *dances* :D
  6. I'm still trying for tickets for monday people. SEND GOOD VIBES. Apparently I got Second Chance on Ebay for a pair, and it told me to buy it now, but it won't work! :angry:
  7. Danielle you got Mysterious Ways! I'm still squeeing and laughing at that considering we were like "OMGGG KARMA SHE NEEDS THAT SONG" Too bad my tickets for Charlotte are looking worse and worse. *sigh* It ends at like 7 something tomorrow morning...it's at $233 and I don't think my dad will go that high. Some kid at my school is selling a ticket, but just one, and I need two, they'd never let me go in by myself. :dozey:
  8. I went an saw Just Friends today and they kept talking about Bono and U2 :lol:
  9. I want to go to Charlotte! *tantrum* Oh well. :dozey:
  10. Hhahaha Yes bono is an ubersexual tooo :P
  11. ^^ I love how articulate you are. YAY FOR U2 IN THREE DAYS! :wacko:
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