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  1. I love interpol! they rock majorly! they have some great b-sides too. one i'd recomend is song 7. :cool:
  2. ok now i'm glad chris wrecked that guys car haha "it's just because he's mr. gwenyth paltrow thats the only reason were interested in him" ahhhhhhhhhhhh :angry: haha
  3. exactly! it's not like they are gonna stop wanting to take pics of him and anytime soon. he has to get used to it. haha
  4. I love playing clocks and the scientist on the piano... i don't really play any coldplay on guitar :confused:
  5. i'm in a band called the gooshi friks... we're recording a demo cd next summer :D we can't do it before then because the other person in the band lives in utah. and we're metting for a u2 fan meet up in cleveland and recording it there. it's like an internet band. i record a guitar or piano part and sends it to her she sings with that. then she sends it back to me and i sometimes do backing vocals :D
  6. defenatly the gibson les paul or explorer.. i've got a les paul studio version, it's awesome! :)
  7. ahh he's gotta learn to control his temper. and he has to get used to photographers. *shakes head* hahaha :angry:
  8. Either one i love... or yellow because of the line "i drew a line for you" lol which i have done before :P
  9. haha ohh really! i was the one with the big white furry coat. haha. it was really nice of him. i don't know if he had done that before. or if he has done it sence 8)
  10. I have mixed emotions about that sentence. lol :shock: :lol:
  11. yeah actually this thread makes me hungry... lmao j/k of course :P
  12. chris does seem to enjoy picking his nose lol :lol:
  13. lol at the moment i'm kinda on an art slump. haha i've been trying to draw more coldplay pics but they all look like shit. haha :shock:
  14. LMAO i love that title! haha deja vu... ;)
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