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  1. I have a short story ... well, no not really short… that I'd like to share with Coldplaying. Mod's, feel free to move this if you feel it could go in a better spot. (Deep breathe) Now this is a story all about how my life.... no no wait, wrong place, wrong time. Let me start over.... I may have endured one of the worst summers of my life. The details are unimportant. What does matter, on October 2nd, 2017, Coldplay did a show in Portland, Oregon USA. I went to that show. I made a short video so if you get bored, it's at the bottom. But if you'd like the read the entirety of my story, thank
  2. Wow. What a great show. But what Coldplay show isn't a great show! I have a great story I'll be posting later on to supplement once I get all my videos and thoughts in order. Quick recap though: The boys broke their usual routine of entry and came out after the house lights went down and briefly talked about the tragedy in Vegas and everywhere else in the world that's dealing with turmoil, and asked us all to turn our phone lights on and have a minute of silence. After which they launched straight into a touching tribute to Tom Petty, playing Free Fallin, with REM's Peter Buck. (Guessing th
  3. I have 2 tickets for Portland Moda Center on Mon Oct 2nd. Row 21. Right next to the B-Stage. Only caveat is it's will-call so we'd have to meet up day of.
  4. Ohhhh how I wish I had been able to go to this show. I could have gotten in the building for free too! Love this stadium. Agh. Just would have had to pay probably $200 in airfare, gladly would have slept in the airport. Alas. Having to work on weekends sucks. haha Oh well. Here's a couple photos from the setup: [ATTACH=full]5902[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5903[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5904[/ATTACH]
  5. It must be literally what Chris is playing, and not a melody/vocal hybrid? If so, that's pretty awesome! I can't seem to find any digital versions other than Kindle or iBook, kinda unfortunate. I'm all for paperback books but I got nowhere to put it.
  6. I was just banging my head against my desk thinking the same thing. You could probably get away with 6-12 velocity levels instead of 127! But even then, you're right, that is a lot of time and patience. I'm thinking about practicing a bit with some other stuff I have. See if I can even make it work. I would totally ship you a box of cookies though! haha In regards to your Fostex question, I haven't even seen one of those for sale ever! You currently have 8 mono outputs (4 stereo) ... If you don't mind my asking what do you need more for? The RME's are great but crazy expensive. You can get
  7. Thank you very much! That'd be greatly appreciated. I'm traveling for work all next week but back in the studio June 1, so if you got stuff you want me to try out for you, let me know, happy to collab. And I'm completely torn right now. I have the receptor and can get the ex pro samples, but I also have access to get an MP9000. While I don't want to carry around a huge/heavy piano, having one would be amazing. But if I can get the same/similar sounds out of the ex pro's I don't need it. On the other hand I do have the expertise to gut it and create my own MP9000 Rac. However, I'd hate to g
  8. Its funny you post this because I JUST, like literally 2 days ago picked up a Receptor. No idea how to use it, got it in the rack last night. Still working on transferring the iLOK. First thing I'm going to do though is pick up those Kawaii EX Pro samples! My rack is mostly the same-ish. This is my home studio; Stereo outs from the Triton and Receptor going to a Presonus Studio 192 interface with main outs to speakers and separate mix outs to the Behringer HA4700 headphone mixer and Shure PSM900 wireless monitors. MOTU MTP AV for chucking Midi data. The foot pedal on the left is a modified
  9. In simple terms you build your virtual instrument on a computer and then you stick the data on a flash drive or what-have-you and plug that into your rack unit, then configure the unit. (Coldplay uses the Muse Receptor) Then plug your piano or controller device into the rack unit and away you go!
  10. Miller's Rig is all about playback of backing tracks (typically synths and orchestral stuff the band can't play live) and providing the sounds for all the keyboards. So Jonny plays his keyboard and that data is sent here and triggers sounds from the green boxes. (Think Viva La Vida, Fix You Organ) Here's another video where Miller is actually talking about one particular piece of the rig but he talks through some of the rest of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=fOQPKn7Vzv4;list=FLRrpqkxLQWkspxbyOjc4sVg
  11. Video Description: Live at the Chords 2 Cure benefit in Santa Monica on 24 April 2016. See http://www.chords2cure.org for more info. These kids are amazing. If I hadn't seen video of it, I would think it was actually Coldplay! Big props to them. Need to go on tour! And really cool of Chris to do it with them! To my knowledge, I don't think it's ever been played live.
  12. 'Midnight' Night over London Lay > In The Darkness Cool Game!
  13. Definitely more NA dates coming. They wouldn't say exact locations/dates. But its good to keep the surprise factor up! haha They've been through both those areas on previous tours so it wouldn't surprise me if they went through again. Hope you get to see them!
  14. There's an old FCC filing from 2012, states frequencies 869.47 to 869.53 MHz. I have a feeling it won't be just as simple as broadcasting those RF signals and hoping it turns on. That'd be too easy! But hey, maybe that's how they did it! I think they only had 4 or 5 different color bands, so maybe there's a smaller range per color that controls how the device actually functions. Let me know what you find!
  15. I think the best part of that for me was the Clocks/Midnight transition to Fix You. But the first time I heard them start singing Up & Up at rehearsals during Fix You, I just about died. Was so so clever. As much as I love it, I agree, for the tour, keep them separate. But hey! At least they're singing the Believe In Love thing at the end just like at Superbowl. Great way to end it!
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