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  1. What were the color songs on the other albums again - I know we've had Yellow, Green Eyes, White Shadows, Violet Hill, Charlie Brown - but forgot what we consider the color songs out of the remaining albums (Ghost Stories, AHFOD, EL?)
  2. Haven't posted in a while but the song compelled me too! Just like Arabesque on the last album, this is a strong showing (alongside the more conventional single) of creativity (and I like Higher Power a lot) of creativity!
  3. I'm pretty sure that we may never hear Speed of Sound electric again -- I remember CM saying on Howard Stern that he hated the song -- and that the way that it was produced didn't feel right to him. Stern encouraged him to play the song again cause he liked it. Since then they've been doing it acoustic to my knowledge.
  4. Wanted to get your thoughts on this -- via the Super Bowl Half-Time show (9:30 in). Or maybe even a Fix You -> Up & Up to get a sense of both? I was just floored: Coldplay often has intro -> full song, but never really had two songs collide into each other. Think this should be a one-off? And is anyone else excited for live Up & Up choirs on the tour?
  5. Great article. Scary how on the edge Chris got -- but good for him having the band. Definitely feel the positivity in AHFOD -- Ghost Stories is definitely a painful experience.
  6. Anyone know when Glastionbury headliners are announced? Do they have a livestream? I feel like Super Bowl's Up & Up was amazing -- but we need at least one live full one with Beyonce, Noel Gallagher, and big choir at the festival finish? Note how both Coldplay and Beyonce have wide open schedules for that weekend...
  7. Am I the only one who thinks that "Fix You Up" should totally be a thing..... I mean. I like both songs separately a ton -- just saying.
  8. Been spending a lot of today listening to Coldplay, both new and older albums. Amazing what a burst of energy ETIAW is -- and Charlie Brown... and well Lovers in Japan. It's too bad that we likely not see those two, and I'm iffy on if ASFOS even shows up. Crazy. Quite the backlog.
  9. Song wise we've had the following "confirmed": (Spoilers) 1) Viva La Vida (Pepsi Video) 2) Adventure of a Lifetime (Every Promo) 3) Clocks > Fix You (Pepsi Video) 4) Paradise (Pepsi Video) A) Beyonce "song" B) Uptown Funk (Presser) Rumored Songs 1) Up & Up (sort of in the video but not confirmed) 2) Yellow (hasn't been discussed... but pretty iconic) Did I miss any rumors?
  10. I really wish we could get Charlie Brown... I reallllly wish we could. I feel like there's been no signs of it though. Or Xylo bands. So it won't happen.
  11. Section 11! Like row 8 or 9. First time on the floor. In the past I've done other sections -- this should be great.
  12. Enough with the cynicism! I'm ready to indulge. If the world doesn't like the 9.5 minutes and only Beyonce so be it. I think we will be pleasantly surprised. Or at least I'll enjoy it. Wonder what they'll finish with? Up & Up (reduced)? ETIAW? Should be exciting. I feel like Yellow is going to start. Any chance they'll pull like a Coldplay timeline through their medley (Yellow, Clocks -> Fix You, [break for BM], Viva La Vida, Paradise [break for Beyonce], AOAL -> Up&Up)
  13. Got section 11 for NJ! I've never done floor seats at a Coldplay concert? Should I be excited? What's to expect?
  14. Snagged a ticket! Woot Woot! That went so quickly. Thank goodness this worked out. Floor seats = )
  15. I dont' think just because they played Everglow here it means that it'll be at Super Bowl. They could just be messing around. Wouldn't be the best choice of time honestly -- would rather "Fix You" if that's going to be done as the only ballad song. Can fit in Yellow or Charlie Brown with that time!
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