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  1. I agree with all the folks who say infinity sign will transition from c stage to main stage and into last two songs of Sky Full of Stars and Coloratura. My universe may even end main set. Have to think about the full list for a bit.
  2. Max Martin did have a lot to do with Humankind which is one of the album’s stronger songs, so I wouldn’t discount him. And production is quite good except arguably People of the Pride. what’s the deal with Aurora? It’s just driving me nuts = )
  3. Can someone ask Phil? What the heck is going on???
  4. I’ve been using MX to describe the current freak out lol remember liking it and looking at the boards and folks freaking out that Coldplay was OVER a pop soundtrack. honestly every Coldplay album has some freak out except maybe Everyday Life and Viva, whether it’s Aviici collab, pop sounds of MX, this current version or the Beyoncé collab.
  5. I'm totally with you on this one. I like MX a lot and didn't love AHFOD at all. I like MOTS! Ghost Stories is fine, but EL is a jam.
  6. If I recall last time they waited till they sold through the first set and then added dates, but I guess we'll see. You may notice that there are spaces in that calendar -- and I think they sometimes do two nights at the same venue.
  7. This is going to be a bit of a longer post, because a lot of the posts here have been quite thoughtful -- and slightly more naunced than what I've read over at Coldplay reddit. I do think to some extent the album's release has suffered from what I call "MX-itis." I remember when that album came out that people were kind of throwing their hands up and saying "well, that's it?" Coldplay typically pulls two types of releases off: very short schedule (Everyday Life) or the long grind (MOTS/MX). This was the latter, and so we heard five of the main songs before it came out -- and if you count
  8. We’ll they did in Arabesque and I’m pretty sure it’s for People of the Pride having heard it live lol
  9. I meant that it is only a matter of time lol and less that I’ve seen one. I hope it doesn’t! But I do want to know if there’s a hidden track lol
  10. I think Champion of the World has a chance given that it's mostly a Coldplay song. I LOVE Arabesque but I'm wondering how much Chris would do that unless Femi Kuti is there personally. Church is sort of tough on his vocal range, so that's out. A bunch of the other ones are still kind of small stage - so maybe a b-stage (tops). Everyday Life itself I'm sure will get played at some point. But with the exception of Champion of the World, I don't see them being rotational. Trouble in Town is a great song, albeit pretty heavy too...
  11. Wonder what they play at Global Citizen... would be surprised if they really play a new song given the lengths they went to hide people of the pride? Maybe they go Higher Power >> Clocks >>> Viva La Vida >>> Fix You >> My Universe?
  12. Can you explain playback vocal? Does that mean he isn’t singing the song per se? Does he do that with all songs or just some?
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