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  1. Keane's New Format and Tracklisting 1. The Atlantic Crip Gang 2. Is It Any Wankstas 3. Niggaz In My Way 4. Bustin So Soon? 5. A Bad Dream 6. The Handgun Song 7. Prison Bars Behind You 8. Sippin' On Da Red Sea 9. Drinkin Da Cristal Ballin' 10. Try Again Busta 11. Broken Pistol 12. The Phat Prince
  2. You can't be a musical genious and be perfectly sane at the same time. Tim is truly the powerhouse behind Keane. He reminds me of Robert Smith from the Cure in terms of songwriting style and a disconnection from the world vibe. To us, he seems like a wreck but fine in his own mind. Depressing minds make for great music, just wonder what his wife thinks off all this.
  3. Download Keane Live in Chicago Download this awesome concert and around the time 20.25 check for the song "Try Again"! Have Fun. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N0XB32TJ
  4. Travis impersonator? lol Lay off the Crystal (so to speak).........
  5. Not so fast... Took a listen to the new album, and to tell you the truth I found myself liking the album but felt something missing. There are definately a couple of jems but overall falls short of over-taking Final Straw. The first two came out swinging in every direction but soon stumbled. A couple of times I felt like turning it down after he repeated the verse 15 times like he ran out of things to say. Don't get me wrong, it's a good album, just not a great one. Bands like Coldplay, Keane, Athlete and even Embrace has set the bar so high, it's hard for me to accept it as a GREAT album. Peace..im out.
  6. No, no, no....keane can never be bad. And the Killers pale in comparison.
  7. idsadmin

    How come...

    Basically in a nutshell, this board is pretty boring compared to the other ones I'm registered with. I gave this board a week and got so bored I moved on to other places with people that actually want to talk. Obviously, I come here sometimes to check on stuff.
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    Suicide is for the weak-minded, period.
  9. keane on cassette....now that's vintage. Now if I can get it on 8-track
  10. idsadmin

    Loss of Faith

    I believe its an evolution of the way people view life. Before...say the 60's, you couldn't just walk around saying you don't believe in god because you would then be an outcast. Now the laws of free thinking have been loosened and people tend to express freely and use more logical thinking now. There is nothing wrong with NOT believing in god, and never be ashamed of your beliefs even when tested. Religion is way over-hyped in my opinion but useful to those that need some kind of direction in life. Some people need guidlines, and the bible is the perfect book to do it. The Romans used the book to keep slaves in line, and if you think about it...it's still working. The world is definately different now and some may concentrate on the bad, but remember the good as well. Our technology is so advanced that it has helped us to become better and smarter than ever. Medicines that we developed that have cured people. Life's natural cycle always ends at instinction and then a rebirth. Do we have the ability to prevent our doomsday? I believe we do and it would be not act of god, it would be an act of mankind. Sorry for the broad view, just thinking out loud.
  11. 330i M-spec Supercharged to 380 horsepower...I don't use the word "love" very often, but I love speed.
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