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  1. I'm in Section 6-H, Row 12, if anyone else is in or near there.
  2. So 'Ghost Story' (the song) is pretty amazing. It resembles a mix beteen 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' and 'Prospekt's March'.
  3. They broke the rules when they did not name this album with a long title. And for some ego-driven self-applause, I learned the guitar part to 'Magic'.
  4. 'Midnight' has grown on me. Ambient Coldplay is interesting indeed.
  5. I heard this one is going to be called "Wrecking Amsterdam." -- Think about it.
  6. Is anyone else really excited for 'LP6' now?
  7. If Coldplay's new album is like this they will forever be cemented as my favourite band. This song, quite honestly, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard, even encroaching on the likes of Piano Sonata No. 14, Op. 27 no. 2 by Beethoven, and Mozart's Violin Sonata in F Major. And I thought that 'Parachutes' was a beautiful song.
  8. I dislike 'Ghost Stories' because it's not a long title so it doesn't fit the pattern. Unless they pull a 'Viva' and make Ghost stories the title track while the album title is longer but with Ghost Stories included in it.
  9. I said not to include interludes or hidden tracks.
  10. So, I stumbled upon a peculiar pattern earlier: All of Coldplay's albums follow the same amount of tracks. Barring interludes and hidden tracks, the numbers are as follows, starting with Parachutes: 1. 10 Tracks 2. 11 Tracks 3. 12 Tracks 4. 10 Tracks 5. 11 Tracks 6. ? This of course could just be simple chance, although it adds speculation to the amount of tracks on LP6.
  11. I just thought: What if Coldplay's new album is Po-Art driven, or Surrealist?
  12. I am sending mine tomorrow.
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