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  1. I put my post up and wait for just a minute for any replies the like have no limit I put my post up and wait for just a minute for any replies the likes have no limit and I know and I know and I know and I know what I wrote and I know and I know and I know and I know what you'll quote so I put my post up and wait for just a minute for any replies the likes have no limit...
  2. I bought mine at Target Friday morning and they had three copies, not even on the new release rack mind you, in a single space. When I bought X&Y it was an entire end-cap. When I bought Viva it was 3 rows. When I bought MX it was a single row. When I bought Ghost Stories it was three spaces. Now with AHFOD three lonely copies and not even up front. I know a lot of that has to do with the decline in physical music sales in general but still kind of sad to see.
  3. Anyone else suffering from a bit of post album melancholy? It hits me every time! It has nothing to do with if I enjoy the album or not it just comes down to all that waiting and anticipating and now it's over... time to start looking forward to a live show i guess!
  4. Being from the future I can tell you that their comeback album from 2019 goes down in history not only as their true masterpiece but one of the most loved albums of all time. Five singles in the top 10 three of which hit number 1. Album, Record, and Song of the Year awards across the board. It outsold Adele's 31 three copies to one! Their free outdoor concert to celebrate the end of World War III draws almost one million people and becomes one of the most unifying and culturally significant moments of the new century. Plus Jonny finally gets to play jazz! Being from the present I'm going to
  5. Sorry if this was posted already. Looks like there is going to be a behind the scenes web series detailing the band's preparation for the half time show... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQvRarvD6VE
  6. There is one thing that has always made me laugh at Coldplay album reviews no matter which album they have been for... They always seem very positive for the most part. You're reading along thinking ok that's good, uh huh that's good, wow it seems like they really liked it, only to get to the bottom and see a 3/5 or a 6/10 or something. It's almost if these professional critics just can't pull the trigger on giving a Coldplay album an excellent review. As if they will lose their professional credibility in doing so. Even in the body of that pitchfork review I see nothing that would warrant
  7. So you're the other guy still buying CDs. It's nice to have finally met you.
  8. I'm thinking about going there at midnight Thursday night / Friday morning and seeing if they are out on the shelves yet. If not maybe they will get one out of the back for me...
  9. Anyone come across and industry sales predictions or estimates? So far I'm only finding speculation on other chart related boards...
  10. I am just grateful for three things: 1. That we still have a coldplaying forum at all. There was a time a few years back when it looked like we might not. 2. That we were able to transfer our old info (names, join dates, post counts) over to the new forum. 3. That we have this new forum up and running just in time for the new album. Gotta shares these times with my people! 4. Pizza. I'm always grateful for pizza. I guess there was 4 things...
  11. Woohoo! ... sorry I've had AOAL stuck in my head for a week! New forum looks very nice guys! Great to see that not only did your team save the forum but have also taken the time to improve upon it. Well done!
  12. I have not heard the leak yet but I have one question for those who have. Being as objective as possible and taking your own personal opinions out of it - is there a major hit on this album? For example not a lot of people loved Paradise when they first heard it but there was no doubt that it was going to be massive. Anything that comes close to that on AHFOD?
  13. Discussing the new songs as they come out and hearing everyone's opinions is a big part of what makes the build up to a new album release so exciting to me. I don't think I would be able to come on here without listening to them because I would not feel as involved. I have always been of the mind set that if the band decided it is time to hear it then I'll give it a listen. I have much respect though for anyone who wants to go into an album having heard nothing. That would be an amazing experience as well.
  14. My girlfriend's grandma calls the band Cool Plate. As in "Did you guys have fun at the Cool Plate concert?" True story. Is there any room for Coolplaters on this board?
  15. There is more than a little helping of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" in that piano at the beginning but I am digging how it is used. To my ears this is a total blue eyed country soul song. It's a beautiful old torch song really...
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