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  1. i didn't get the presale password. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. on conan? hope i'll still be awake by that time. :P yes feist is great! i love her voice and her musical style is rather interesting to me.
  3. i've missed olly and gale too. anyone going to their UK gigs? and for the folks in the US i found a date for LA in august. I'm sure i'll be there.
  4. i need to get it! hopefully tomorrow.
  5. this song makes me wanna do this :cry: such a powerful song
  6. doesn't matter if they are "so 1990's" because they are still a great band!! i love the wallflowers!!! the new album will be out May 24th and it's called "rebel, sweetheart". the single released for "rebel, sweetheart" is called "beautiful side of somewhere". they'll be on a number of late night shows this month and so forth so watch out for them if you're interested. and of course a major tour is about to happen soon.
  7. i have a friend who loves them. it's considered emo?
  8. LAChickClicks


    just reading your posts reminded me of what i went through for the Hollywood Bowl concert. i was so sad that they were sold out. i wound up paying scalpers on eBay just to go. :/ i knew this will happen for the buzz gigs (specifically this one) so i didn't bother trying to buy them.
  9. i actually have seen them about.....ummm 2 or 3 months ago.
  10. Great job!! wow. well i for one am confused with it all. :P
  11. ha i was hoping for some other band not well known...that way the tickets won't sell out so quickly. :/
  12. yes that's fantastic news! i was just going to post the news but ya beat me to it Noni. lol. :P
  13. guys i went to their gig last night! it was damn great!!
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