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  1. Amazing concert, amazing crowd. That setlist, I can't even, wow. Not even mad AROBTTH was not played in its entirety. It worked so well, unlike the short-c-stage version of speed of sound. Guess I should go to bed now, almost 2am here. Thanks guys, good night.
  2. And now they play my favorite song. Officially dead.
  3. AROBTTH OH MY FREAKING GOD one of my favorites One day I'll be able to convince myself that trouble+speed of sound in São Paulo was better than this. One day.
  4. Now for the real gold of the night! Hopefully.
  5. Great, I'll look into it! I think I'll fit right in lol
  6. I find it really funny how everyone spreads so much love around here and seems to like everything the band does. I'm used to the Muse forums, where everyone is bitter and hates themselves. But I guess this is a good thing hahaha In other news, Charlie Brown :dance:
  7. yey! Great to have Ink back where it belongs. Leaving no place for PoC, that is.
  8. sure, but the changes are the interesting part anyway
  9. really curious on what they are pulling out today. Do we have a setlist yet?
  10. Oh, I see. The periscope streamings, but I don't think PoC was in any of them. I'm just assuming it was played tonight because of that setlist someone just posted here, really.
  11. Pardon? I meant I could even tolerate PoC if it meant I'd get to see parachutes+shiver+a message
  12. ok I take this back after watching those streamings. Could even tolerate PoC... :bigcry:
  13. I wouldn't give up ink and trouble + speed of sound for PoC and parachutes+shiver+a message, but damn that's a close call. Should have gone to both concerts here in Brazil Sent from my XT1097 using Coldplaying mobile app
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