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  2. Warning Sign The wreckage of a universe floats past
  3. It's been raining for 12 hours. I just came home soaked to my underwear. It's like the clouds are crying for Amy Winehouse or something.
  4. The sound is brilliant today. I can actually hear the harmonies and basslines clearly for once.
  5. Ooh, did you hear that? Someone forgot to turn off the little end loop for UATW there.
  6. Nope, just people compiling their own stuff.
  7. UPDATINGGG (new ones in bold as per usual) Albums Parachutes A Rush of Blood to the Head X & Y Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends EPs The Blue Room EP (limited to 5000) 2 copies The Blue Room EP (promo) The Blue Room EP (12" vinyl, limited to 1000) Brothers & Sisters (original run, limited to 2500) Brothers & Sisters (re-release) Brothers & Sisters (7", limited to 1000) Sparks EP (Canadian promo) Acoustic EP (promo for the Independent) Trouble (Norwegian live EP) Prospekt's March EP Singles Shiver (digipak) Shiver (promo) Shiver (original 7") Yellow (digipak) Yellow (promo) Yellow (12" promo) Yellow (French edition) Trouble (digipak) Trouble (promo) Trouble (US promo) Trouble/Shiver (double A-side 7", jukebox only) Trouble (original 7", numbered, limited to 5000) Don't Panic (digipak) Don't Panic (promo) Don't Panic (special Dutch edition) In My Place Clocks Clocks (special Dutch edition, 3 discs) Clocks (DVD single) Clocks (US promo) The Scientist The Scientist (DVD single) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (12" remix single) Speed of Sound (digipak) Speed of Sound (original 7") Speed of Sound (promo) Fix You (digipak) Fix You (promo) Talk Talk (DVD single) Talk (special Dutch edition, 3 discs) The Hardest Part (promo) Violet Hill Violet Hill (7" promo for NME) Viva la Vida Lost! (blue promo, pt. 1 of EP) Lost! (red promo, pt. 2 of EP) Strawberry Swing (promo) Life in Technicolor II Life in Technicolor II (7" single) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (7" single) Live releases Live 2003 (CD/DVD slider package) Live 2003 (US promo album) LeftRightLeftRightLeft Interview CDs A Rush of Blood to the Head X & Y Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends Box set The Singles 1999-2006 Other Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall print
  8. An address in England that specializes in promo/out of print material.
  9. Sorry about the quality, it's my phone.
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