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  1. Tutorial here [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wki_MU4A-wU]God put a smile upon your face (tutorial) Acoustic - YouTube[/ame] I have uploaded.
  2. Sorry about this doing self promotion of songs. Last one and I wont come on again. This is a song I wrote about my dying grandmother its called Silent Frequencies. https://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/silent-frequencies
  3. Ha thanks I forgot I posted it
  4. This is a rough demo of a new idea I have called Reboot. https://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/reboot
  5. Hi, thanks for the feedback, erm i dont at the moment i may do yellow on piano soon.
  6. Not a big fan of this version. Sounds similar to the guitar bits in "see you soon"
  7. Thanks for the comments, yes i found for you, its accurate too. http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/coldplay-i-bloom-blaum-guitar-tab-s3756t0
  8. here is my rendition of I bloom blaum. [ame=http://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/i-bloom-blaum-coldplay-cover]http://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/i-bloom-blaum-coldplay-cover[/ame]
  9. plenty of tutorials on line now esp youtube
  10. I like your voice it don't sound weak bud. Hope to hear more my friend. Take care x
  11. Here are some I have online: Crayon Sky (acoustic) [ame=http://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/crayon-sky]http://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/crayon-sky[/ame] Rocks and Stones: [ame=http://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/rocks-and-stones]http://soundcloud.com/kiltimaghlad/rocks-and-stones[/ame]
  12. Ya give reaper a go bud. It's free anyway. They let u use it and the trial period never runs out. It's very light on PC processing power too.
  13. This song is deffo EADGBD and a capo 2nd or 3rd fret not sure. But the chords are C shape chords up and down the neck. so be like 332010 that shape, but not played it in years so dont know the exact fret numbers. This tuning is played on Green Eyes too. That E down to D is so prominent. Another trick is you could put the Capo over the five strings and leave Thinnest E open from the neck and not fretted by the Capo, saves you tuning up and down I guess
  14. Hi mate, what you using? Gear wise? its a good effort nice voice and playing. Just at the beginning your voice was clipping a bit. clip...means like go the signal from your voice or guitar distorts and sounds rough and not clear. If you record something like a vocal through a mic then just watch the levels. But sounds great. Good rendition
  15. Hi mate, when I record i have a few things, I use a laptop software called reaper which is amazing. you can download the demo and use that from their site here: http://www.reaper.fm/ Believe me I have tried Cubase and Pro-tools but this is ace. Try it. Then I connect laptop to M Audio interface, cheap i got mine second hand off Ebay. The mic I use is SM58 for now. To be honest they are good gigging mics and if you know about Bono he has recorded in the studio with them for years. They are about 80 to over 100 quid. check ebay. have a listen some ideas i did here bud give
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