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  1. Here is my cover of Don't Panic that i made really quickly just to test my new mic :D Thanks for watching and say whatever you think of it :) [video=youtube;0gnAhjRTWYA]
  2. So when i learn the song on guitar, i went to Reaper and start recording this, i couldn't figure out the jonny guitar perfectly so i made arrangements by my own and end up as strange thing xD Tell me you opinion please :)
  3. Kind of reminds you? Oh thanks xD this songs needs more power on some voice parts but as i said, i'm too lazy. Yeah just like me, some good ideias but i'm too lazy... if you were on a band things are more easy, you can try things much more faster...once you have all ready is just record.. but making music alone takes much more time... sadly but keep doing stuff, you have talent :)
  4. I am that way also, just like to sing when i'm alone :D but keep going, im not an expert but i see quality, keep going. I have some songs if you like to check, the problem is that i'm too lazy to improve them xD make music alone takes a lot of time bahh
  5. I really liked, cool lyrics with a unusual theme, some good ambient sounds, a nice rithm... maybe if could put some more power in the voice on the last part but also you a nive voiuce, and overall is really good, congratulations :)
  6. Thanks, but i know thnat song is a little repetite too... it needs more power on some parts... but making music alone is very hard -.- so yes, i'm solo, i just do it for fun, i had a joy division cover band once, i was the guitarist, but i had to left because of the college. Hearing the song again maybe i was mistaken about Queen comparision (maybe some backvocals) but i still see some REM sound alike on the voice and some arrangements, you've got to compare with some joyful songs of them, but of course its a little bit just, maybe more Arcade Fire becuase of the folk alike x) and of course
  7. I'm just kidding, but looks like crying works :D So thanks, this song was recorded at first take, i know it's far from perfect, i just want to know if it has potential :) But i know its a little repetitive, if i try recorded it with some other instruments i know it can change a little, but yeah i know it's too singular the melodie... I have this song, my attenpt to have a true record, recorded by me xD But about your band, i really thing have potential, Marco Polo has really nice lyrics and a very very enjoyable melodie, i see a little bit ok Queen in some parts, maybe REM in
  8. No opinions? I'm starting to cry :(
  9. So i made another song and i want to hear some opinions, it could be better recorded and perfomed, i could do better i know, but tell me if it has potencial. :) Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3xho0otdGg Lyrics: Can i say that this time, i got it right? because in the others i had no clue, but now i have a clean sight i know that is you. Is your mind, really open? for the words, i'm trying to say, can you tell me the specific order? i wanna say them in the right way. Try to unlock, your heart will it worth, the fight? or it will end how it started? with me in
  10. this is how i play it F#m Bsus2 Some saw the sun Bm F# Some saw the smoke C#m G# Some heard the gun D#m C#m Some bent the bow F#m G# Sometimes the wire F#m G# C#m must tense for the note F#m G# Caught in the fire F#m Say oh B (F#) We're about to explode (F#) C#m Carry your world E B I'll carry your world --- F#m Bsus2 --- F# Bm Some far away C#m G# Some search for gold~ D#m
  11. So, i just came to say that i end up buying this guitar: http://uk.lagguitars.com/TRAMONTANE/100/DREADNOUGHT/Cutaway-Acoustic/Electric-Black-p111374.html It's a new brand... the guitar has an awesome sound really, i tested a lot, i was a little hesitant because of the brand but i made a good buy :) you can hear it on the song that i made x) https://soundcloud.com/dms120/easy-fall-on-progress
  12. So i made this song and as usual i would like to hear some opinions :P It's still on progress but its enough to have an opinion... [ame=http://soundcloud.com/dms120/easy-fall]Easy Fall (demo) by dms120 on SoundCloud - Hear the world?s sounds[/ame] thanks :) Lyrics We fall in love so easily, in every corner, every screen You shouldn't take it so lightly, you surely will be caught in between Those love roads that are so strange, you never know wich one is near to an end. It should't be so easy to fall in love, it should't be so easy to break a heart, it should't be
  13. Well thanks... but now i found a local store that has a reasonable number of options... the prices are not very different from thomnan... just about 10 euros for guitar... so worth it... i go there and try... its better than buy from internet without feel it :D So now i a cant decide... tomorrow i go to the store but i has to have an idea... There's my options for my budget... hopo somebody can help me :) http://www.salaomozart.com/lojaonline/product_info.php?cPath=107_117_389_251&products_id=6671824&osCsid=a9a8917bbe8724d4020deee383b4470f http://www.salaomozart.com/lojaonli
  14. Hi guys, i want to buy a new guitar and i need help... there is to many choices... I want a semi-acoustic... my budget is 300 euros... i want a guitar that sounds good unpluged and as a decent sound on the records.... i guess that with that money i can get a good one right?? If i can find the guitar here better :) http://www.thomann.de/ Thanks for the help
  15. Awesome man... you've got to share that... really really great man ;)
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