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  1. Hi Found a link to some pictures of this show 6th April 2006 Intimate Lunchtime Special; 95.5 WPLJ, China Club; New York, USA http://www.wplj.com/Article.asp?id=120888&spid=
  2. Hi Just wanted to know if this show was still going ahead? Is anyone going to be there to recored it? 3rd May 2006 Rivermead; Reading, UK Chris Martin will play a acoustic set
  3. Hi I found an interview with Ken Martin about recording Coldplay's Parachutes heres the link http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct00/articles/ken.htm
  4. Hi You can read a brief interview with Guy Berryman about recording the first album using pro tools software Coldplay: In the studio with Pro Tools and Logic http://www.audiohead.net/interviews/coldplay/
  5. No dates have been anounced yet though
  6. On this show 27th December 2005 Ken Bruce show; BBC Radio 2, Maida Vale, London, UK Will said that the band should be playing shows in South American in the Autumn
  7. is "the hardest part" going to be released as a single tomorrow? will i be able to buy the cd in the shops? and also what are the bsides?
  8. What's the story, Liam? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He says Don't Believe the Truth, but Liam Gallagher says the truth is, he and brother Noel are no longer the feuding siblings they used to be. Have Oasis really reached a new calm? If any band name seems at odds with reality, it is arguably Oasis, given the calm-shattering behaviour of the two bickering main men - the Gallagher brothers Noel and Liam. But Liam says in a recent phone interview from London that he has mellowed and that, gasp, he loves his older, 38-year-old sibli
  9. Oasis back for more -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oasis are back on the road and will begin the South American leg of the tour on the 10th March when they kick off the tour at the Hot Festival, Buenos Aires Polo Field and will then go on to play gigs in Chile and Brazil. (tickets are still available check out the tour page) The band will then return to Canada and play the Air Canada Centre where the Artic Monkeys will be support. The tour then rolls on to North America. Check out the tour page for the full list of dates. source: oasi
  10. Liam's foul football blast -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "At times the England players seem to play like women. Beckham and others, they're gay boys" Liam Gallagher is reportedly up to his old wildman antics again, this time labelling the England football team a bunch of "women". In an astonishing outburst ahead of Oasis' South American tour, the singer is alleged to have said England's finest had no chance of winning the World Cup. He said: "I'm not one of those people who are that patriotic when it comes to the England team.
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