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  1. A. You can be whatever you want to be. B. There were posts with extremely valid points regarding last album, instrumentation that didn't need the use of foul language or saying that someone isn't using his/her brain. Sorry to confuse you as a fanboy/girl. The language is always a good way to detect them, I guess it was a mistake. C. I still believe they are and they will comeback to what they do best in the future. Working with overrated productors and djs will end someday.I seriously believe this, like the previous post, maybe LP7 will be what we were waiting for. D. I don't believe
  2. It wasn't towards to you. It was towards the one that say that we can't use our brains and used foul language to make his point. To the people that have the need to just get personal, butt-hurt much? I don't know. Can't you make your point without getting personal? You don't know me, I don't know you. Keep it healthy.
  3. Problem my friend is that Coldplay used to be cool or at least respected in the rock scene, they didn't try to be cool, they already were. They took a new direction, none can blame them for trying. Now, if you love the album, kudos to you! I think it's their weakest album to date. Hope next one will blow our ears. We'll wait and see. PS: I don't discuss with fanboys. I truly don't. I suspect that being a fan and a fanboy are different things. A fan will feel disappointed now and then but will remain listening to the band (me). A fanboy will defend everything even if they know they are wrong
  4. I'm going to jump into the real instruments vs pushing down buttons and twisting knobs discussion. I do like Trip hop, electronic music (not the bs you listen in the radio), I'm saying stuff like Yppah, Zero 7, Death in Vegas or Work Drugs. Now, I do understand that you need to be somehow skilled to master knobs, sliders and buttons and to be precise. Now, many electronic bands have mastered this and create something original. Now stating that Jon Hopkins is doing something original and with a "trademark" is being way too wishful. Groove Armada going from duet of djs to complete band, that
  5. I believe that both sides of the coin are allowed. If you didn't like it, then why you shouldn't be allowed to expose why didn't? I mean, it's a forum. I bet there are people here that disliked Coldplay's new-direction and usually prefer old albums and people that can't stand old albums and only listens to "their new stuff" cuz it's more appealing or more related to the music they generally listen to. None is going to spent time in just bashing something people love but at least it's nice to read why people dislike something or why they love it so much. That's the purpose of a forum. Imagin
  6. They are an excellent band from Fayetteville USA and their sound is what I always loved from music in general. They are not famous or well known, actually it was a great discovery while browsing bandcamp and I totally love them now. I bought their records and I had the chance to chat with them on Facebook and they are really nice people. I think they deserve more fans. Maybe someday they will be really famous. What do you think? Youtube song [video=youtube;Rg2m_iQdSXU] Their only videoclip [video=youtube;XkR8FjGtsGM] Their bandcamp is : swimmingforever.
  7. Of course, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus sold millions. Actually, I don't understand when people justify something saying "it sold 5 millions of albums" like if mainstream was something worth to reach. I think artistic value is a more important thing for any musician, not "make hits and make millions". IF that's the attitude then I believe that Coldplay wouldn't be one of my fav. bands of all time. But I suspect they are not in that bandwagon.
  8. Or maybe whining because coldplay released an album full of whining? I'm 31, of course most people can relate with "your body..." "I haven't slept" bla bla but some people expected a lot more because they are 100% sure they can do a lot better. Some people can just take it as it is and say "it's great, my favourite album bla bla". Well, I'm not one of those.
  9. I would like to read a substantial topic or thread stating why is this album good avoiding all kinds of "It makes me feel speshal" and focusing on music primarily. For instance: Why do you think Buckland's participation in this album is superior than previous albums? or Why do you think electronic drums are better than acoustic drums? or Why do you think the lyrics on this particular album are greater than Parachutes (as an example) Sure there are different kinds of fans, let's agreed on 5 then.
  10. Hello all. I've got the album yesterday and I have to say, to be honest, that my first impression is not positive. Some people may think that first impressions need to be overlooked but in this case, I beg to differ. I've been listening Coldplay from their EPs era (before Parachutes), like any other person who was into Radiohead, The Smiths and such, Coldplay was a "new thing" to hear and listen to. At first it didn't impressed me much. My opinion in those days was "well they are trying to emulate Radiohead's sound" or "Well, that guitar sounds a little bit like The Edge". Stuff like tha
  11. 1. A Rush of Blood to the head (I think this album compared to other albums works a whole more with piano/guitar combo and I appreciate that. I wont say it has the best songs of all but it has some sort of textures that keep on during the whole record.) 2. X & Y (Perhaps the less voted album because, of course, it was the release after "A Rush..." masterpiece. It's hard to accomplish something as good as AROBTTH but I think they did it with X & Y. I know they weren't true happy with this album music-wise but I still can hear it from track 1 to the last and I love it. 3. Parachutes (I
  12. Bene: "Adjective to describe someone who is incredibly attractive, most often used by culinary students." "Dude, that indian chick is so bene! You need to tap that ASAP bro!"
  13. What you gonna do :P I'm from Argentina, football is like our religion here.
  14. My eyes are brown. Normal and regular brown.
  15. Fairly well? They had a killer team: Domitrescu, Haggi, so many classic names. Sadly, they haven't found that combo again. Now my question is: Sarmale or Mititei?
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