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  1. I haven't been keeping up with Coldplay since the release of AHFOD, but I was wondering what is next for Coldplay? They said they didn't want to be a "rock" band anymore, but it would be really sweet if Chris Martin could do a solo album. His ear for melodies is phenomenal and I would die for him to do a little acoustic/piano solo album. Anyone think this would be possible in the future at anytime?
  2. Both of those songs are fantastic. I'll have to go with 15 Step due to it having my favorite bassline of any song ever, along with the beautiful guitar, and epic climax. 15 Step vs Jigsaw
  3. Proof 9 Yellow 22 Gravity 27 Guys, I know Gravity is a good song, but lets be real for a second. Gravity is beautiful, but Yellow is a masterpiece that shouldn't be put down just because of the popularity it has gotten. "It's true, look how they shine for you"... This is a difficult one, as much as I love all of these songs, but I think that Yellow is just barely on top of Gravity. Imagine that Gravity was the song that made Coldplay famous, and Yellow was the less known b-side. Would that change these choices?
  4. It means "boy", I said it because its funny how you're rooting for Proof when Yellow was doing so well. Why do you choose Proof over Yellow? I'm just curious, as I believe that Yellow is better than both Proof and Gravity, although I prefer Gravity to Proof. Proof 10 Yellow 27 Gravity 22
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