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  1. + Lovely, idyllic, dreamy, flowing song; full of nostalgia, aural landscape, and charm. - A bit short and a bit repetitive I Ran Away
  2. I may do just that with a Tele Deluxe Reissue. I assume they install it for you... Because I'm terrible at that sort of thing.
  3. Can anybody help to identify the guitar Chris is playing in these photos?(http://musicglue-wordpress-drafted-magazine.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Coldplay-by-Kevin-Westernberg-001.jpg) / (http://www.gifsanimes.fr/celebrites/coldplay/coldplay-gifs-animes-2647981-117101/) I know it's a Guild, and looks quite a lot like an F-50, which Chris has played many times in the past. Like here; (http://images2.mtv.com/uri/mgid:file:docroot:vh1.com:/sitewide/flipbooks/img/events/hope_for_haiti_now/performance/chrismartin_pg122367_mj_kim.jpg?enlarge=false&matte=true&matteColor=
  4. No, you're right. They only come in in black, brown and sunburst. I wish they did; that's what I meant.
  5. Yeah!! Those look brilliant! If only they didn't cost that, I'd already have one. The natural/blonde is easily my favourite finish, with black as a second, which is why I'm so tempted to go for the Tele Deluxe Reissue. Not entirely sure it's the 1974 model, but some other bloke else used them quite a lot too... :^) [video=youtube;KMKC32UA1gs]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMKC32UA1gs [video=youtube;ZVU44j3g6sA]
  6. Yes, I've found it. It's a Danelectro DC 59. http://medias.audiofanzine.com/images/normal/danelectro-59-dc-455338.jpg
  7. Anybody know what it is? Looks a bit like a Gretsch... [video=youtube;e9Kcg_8gK30]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Kcg_8gK30
  8. Sounds good enough. Thanks for your help [emoji3]
  9. It's mostly the pickups I'm concerned about. Though they are the same, it looks like the Deluxe has got 250K pots whereas the Thinline's got 500K ones which can apparently result in quite a different sound. And yes, Jonny's sounds are largely influenced by his effect pedals, a few of which I've already got. (Boss DD-5, ProCo RAT, Boss RV-5). And Jonny has used Telecaster Deluxes, have a look at this: [video=youtube;-VshVGC9E3I]
  10. Yes!!!! I do!!! I've got one!!!! It's in iTunes but I don't know how to post it.
  11. Can anybody help me to compare Fender's Reissue '72 Telecaster Deluxe to an original '72 Telecaster Thinline, like the ones Jonny's got? I'm considering buying a new guitar, one which could give me the sounds similar to the ones in these videos. [video=youtube;wb_7C1vMpRQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb_7C1vMpRQ [video=youtube;q1rV3eNcVlQ] [video=youtube;hghwZfCIQgU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hghwZfCIQgU [video=youtube;WByKtl1OVXM] [video=youtube;Hh9VCSEHygY] I could just get the Telecaster Thinline Reissue, or even an original, but I love the looks of the De
  12. Epiphone EJ-200!!!!! They're brilliant and only cost £299!!
  13. Does anybody know how to play the guitar 1st solo in Low? (At the same time as the weird glass things are being played)
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