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  1. No don't! :) In Leipzig and Hannover I had barrier with just GA - ticket :) Just queue early and run! :)
  2. I was there at 8am, my friend beside me was there 9am but I saw people behind me who arrived around 3pm and they had like first place after front row :) Depends on the queueing system aswell, in Warsaw they had everyone in a mess behind one line and everybody ran into each other, then you had to run to the different entries. In Germany they created queues just behind the entries and it was much more fair.
  3. I don't know if they're able to moe but there was like no people when we got at Guy's side, maybe just a handful ones who changes side if that was possible :)
  4. I still have a seating ticket for sale, beside me and my family and we can go inside the arena together. Cheaper than face value. :) Section N4.
  5. I have still a seating ticket for sale for the Gothenburg show the 25th, for a cheaper price than face value. I will go in with you and we will sit together. :)
  6. At the german shows the Early entry was only on Jonny's side, so we had GA standing, queued quite early and got some great spots on Guy's side. It was empty when we came in :)
  7. I think all had some kind of early entry, the ones in Germany had an early ticket price at more than 200 euro, while the ones in France and Sweden was a bit more cheap (around 140-160 euro). Early entrance in Poland was around 100 euro if I remember right :)
  8. Oh probably, they are the "special guest" during the Coldplay performance, for SJLT, I guess ... They added Shakira :)
  9. I am selling one seating ticket for the first Gothenburg show, June the 25th. It's located high up at the right section seen from the stage, quite close to it. I will have the seat beside so we can go in together if you want. I'm a 20 years old guy who loves Coldplay like crazy :)
  10. Did you saw Hamburg was included in the Song Request post they did recently? They will do a song request here, which makes it quite sure it's a longer setlist than the one when they played Global Citizen Festival in New York 2015, with like 6 songs or something ... I didn't think they would have time for as long setlist as in India at the GZ Festival there, but now my hopes are higher! What do you think? :D
  11. Got tickets for this! For you people searching, check out @ColdplayTix on Twitter - where I bought mine! Now I'm going to all the Paris shows, I feel so blessed and lucky and excited! :D
  12. I agree aswell! I just watched a clip of them performing it at Emirates June 2012 ... such an energy with all the confetti ... and it was the second song I ever heard of Coldplay live and Chris went about 15 meters close to me ... I miss it! :(
  13. Looking for a ticket to the Paris show the 15th :) seating/standing doesn't matter
  14. I assume they will have a closed roof this show, or what do you people think? Would be very cool for the Xylobands effect! :D
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