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  1. Please help! Is there someone who would like to swap 2 Higher Power-packages for ANYTHING for the 10th. Just found out that my The Killers concert was postponed to the 12th of July and I really want to go to both…
  2. VIOLET HILL! Although I saw it on MX-tour I'm so fucking happy I got to hear it again!! Gaaah!
  3. Got 3 tickets on presale and managed to grab a room at the Gothia Towers :) See ya there!
  4. You know what Matt, I've been thinking about this for a while (surprise!) and in the end I think your best chance is on the danish or swedish secondary market. Scrolling through dba.dk I find several listings with four seating tickets for face value (considering the law there's no point in being a scalper, as you know) It's just a matter of how big risk you are willing to take. You could e-mail those sellers and ask for a reciept and a photo of the tickets. That would in my eyes be sufficient to make sure you're safe. Payment could be made through Paypal or any other international payment s
  5. Well I have a sister so I certainly do know what your talking about ;) And regarding the secondary market, I know! You can never be 100 % sure of anything. I really feel sorry for you and it's frustrating for me as well cause I just need to take a quick look at Swedens biggest buy/sell market to see plenty of tickets but at the same time I would problably never buy anything from there if I were in your situation (foreign language etc). Just wish I could get you those f***ing tickets! But as you mention, tickets from various sponsors, VIP:s and so on might be put back on sale. Great though t
  6. Hello Matt! Nice to hear from you again! There are actually tickets for the second show available right now at billetnet.dk! It's GA, no seats are available, but it's better than nothing I suppose? EDIT: Oh! Saw your post in the other thread.. Hmm. I'm not sure if there will be any more seats available... I suggest you visit the official event page for the concerts on Facebook. There are some tickets being sold there. Hope you sort things out!
  7. Matt: Well the situation is a bit complex. In Sweden, a large majority are against the fact that tickets goes for way over the face value. And Live Nation, obviously, strongly recommends people to only buy through official resellers. At the same time, Live Nation and Ticnet aren't willing to take the actions that is necessary in order to stop the scalpers. The only thing they can do, and have done a couple of times if I'm not mistaken, is to cancel tickets they suspect goes straight to the scalpers hence why biljettnu and biljett24, or any other seller, won't reveal the exact location of th
  8. Matt: You totally got it right which means you've also highlighted the problems of buying tickets on the secondary market. Stockholm I agree with you that it doesn't feel comfortable to not know the exact location of your seats. But this is actually standard procedure in Sweden and it's because the people selling the tickets don't want to run the risk of getting their tickets canceled by the promoters. Ticnet: The regular sale ends on July 3rd and the platinum on July 1st. The platinum tickets will almost certainly be put back to the regular sale and my guess is it will happen ap
  9. Biljettnu.se and biljett24.se are registered companies and have been around for several years. They operate just like any other scalper and buys a lot of tickets when they are released and then selling them for a higher price. I would say that the chance of getting ripped of is slim to none. Biljettnu.se even has an office in central Stockholm where you can collect your tickets in case you haven't recieved them when you arrive in Sweden. I did that myself when I bought a ticket for U2 the day before the concert. In the extreme event of you not getting tickets or fake ones you will certainly ge
  10. Welcome! It really is very lovely here in summer so I'm sure you will have a nice stay. Now, as you may know the tickets for both concerts in Copenhagen and for the one in Stockholm is sold out. In Denmark it is illegal to sell tickets at a higher price than the face value. That is not the case in Sweden so it's possible for you to get tickets through unofficial resellers like biljettnu.se, biljett24.se and so on. The price is higher but you should get valid tickets although there have been cases where people haven't got their tickets... Copenhagen is different. I suggest you keep an eye o
  11. I've also managed to get tickets today through presale. So happy! See you there!
  12. If you want a link to presale, send me a PM! Don't want to put it here in case any scalper would be sneaking :)
  13. Here is the seatmap for the concert in Parken [ATTACH=CONFIG]32997[/ATTACH]
  14. Presale will be available for American Express customers. It starts 25/11 8.00 CET. Info here: http://americanexpresstickets.se/pages/index.php?lang=en General tickets will be sold via ticnet.se, the swedish version of Ticketmaster.
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