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  1. for those lucky enough to have been upgraded at past concerts, did the crew come around and give you the tickets before the opening acts or closer to when Coldplay's set started? Thank you!
  2. my local radio station is offering a trip to NYC for the show and to meet him afterwards! definitely not a "secret" show
  3. Gravity How You See the World I Ran Away
  4. Ink has definitely grown on me, and Midnight, originally one of my least favorite songs on the the album, is now one of my favorites!
  5. ^ agreed. I have yet to hear Ghost Stories songs on the radio, but I did hear Clocks yesterday, it was a nice surprise
  6. After they recently played A Whisper for the first time live, I've been thinking about other songs they've never played live. I'm pretty sure Twisted Logic and UWTB haven't, but I'm not sure. Any others?
  7. did some coldplay lyric art recently - it was so hard to choose between all the good lyrics!
  8. Davide Rossi just tweeted that he arranged the strings for a song written by Chris Martin/Cat Power called "Wish I Was Here" for a movie called Wish I Was Here that comes out July 25 of this year! So exciting! Although Chris said on the radio that the duet song wouldn't come out till next year, it could be earlier!
  9. I think it says under 1 roof but I'm not completely sure!
  10. on twitter phil said that they were rehearsing a whisper (which had never been played live) at the soundcheck. How cool is that?
  11. and the collaboration with avicii. you never know I guess!
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