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  1. I'm really happy. The 2 performances of Higher Power (Acoustic and Studio versions at Today Show) were really great, refreshing, and more importantly, authentic. I loved the part when Chris said: "Thanks for making us feel live again". Related to the acoustic version, that was totally brilliant. It remembers the HLH acoustic version in MX era. Almost everything was live there. The only downside was the always egocentric presence of Jimmy Fallon at the middle, which was fully unnecessary. It was emotive to feel a stripped-vibe from the band, after a while. Wonderful and elegant piano arra
  2. It's interesting what you share, and I'm agree with the fact that Coldplay is losing some authenticity during the years, but before to be so critical on that (anyway, I love what they do), it's important to see how producers influences on their releases. And to be poppy isn't the same to don't be authentic. For Parachutes, A Rush... and X&Y, the "hand" of Ken Nelson is there. I feel that "darkness" and "authenticity" what I love a lot in Coldplay. In live performances, small backings tracks there, but there were them. I remember a concert when Chris said: "Coldplay is better in darkn
  3. Finally!. It's not a bad song, but I remember the very first time I listened "Paradise". I considered it real garbage... until I heard the live version. Then I loved the song.. and still I consider that the live version is another world compared with the studio version. Something similar I had with Higher Power. I follow Coldplay since the beginnings... they are and will be a huge influence for me, so, I'm waiting the live version for feeling such unique power that Coldplay give us always!
  4. Anybody of you have decrypted the cover image?. I've tried with anagrams (https://new.wordsmith.org/anagram/anagram.cgi?anagram=WHHOTIPTEEG&t=500&a=n), but I don't see a pattern. Was this solved?
  5. It's impossible forget the Coldplay Concert in Liverpool (2010), when I see the color palette from LP9. That was a (one-night-only) event, I know, but it was quite intime. Actually it was there when Bani Adam was "presented" after Trouble. I don't know if next set of concerts for LP9 (when the time comes) will be stadium-pirotenic-based events (based on electronic-confetti style), but part of me hope something more in the old-intime style. Eventually, Higher Power will present the tendence!. Last few days of waiting!
  6. Now that a Coldplay-connected person is posting these things, a new read: The 0:57 of Death and All His Friends mentions "So come over, just be patient and don't worry" (nothing more appropiate with all our anxiety for LP9!). And 1,36 for Violet Hill, could be just the day of the year when we will have something: Day 136 --> 16/May. I don't know, but it seems a reasonable (closed) date for something.
  7. Beyond the fact that the "_____ For The Future" sufix was the most likely answer (in my case, my theory was always "Flight For The Future" with a NASA Mars-centric concept for the next LP9 release, syncing the release with the mission milestone), I start to realize that there is no relation between the two pages in the EL Album Booklet. FTFF2024 is, with no doubt, the "Fit for The Future", and the moment where our dear Coldplay will have an offer for touring with no environment impact. Nothing more. And the "Coldplay Coming Soon" with "Music of The Spheres" is another history, with
  8. You're absolutely right!. This is creating madness! 🙂 An example: At exactly 1,36 at "Violet Hill", the phrase is "Priests clutched onto bibles". Do we need to start to analyze the Bible now in order to deduct when this bloody LP9 will be release?!?!?.... Let's have patience, comrades. Coldplay Coming Soon.
  9. I insist that this is related to LP9. A "Flight For The Future", starting on 2020 and ending 2024 (when people will be again on the moon). FFTF 2020-2024 --> FFTF2024
  10. It could be... but for the very first time, we've do have a real clue: FTFF 2024 and a "Coldplay Coming Soon" (which is not related to a year like 2024). If we consider that the other non-touring album (Ghost Stories) was released on May/2014, and the following (A Head Full of Dreams) was on Dec/2015 (so, 17 months distance between them), it's impossible to have news for a LP9 this year. Except for a "Surprise Factor" of course!, but truly I don't think that's a possible option, but 2021 for sure. So the question is: What will happens on 2024, with a "Space-Driven" theme, a potencia
  11. Acknowledging the incredible creativity from Coldplay, my theory here is that FFTF is "Flight For The Future", and it going to be 3 releases, in sync with Nasa Artemis Mission. Artemis I, expected to launch on November 2021, Artemis II expected to launch on October 2023, and Finally Artemis III expected to launch on October 2024. I know, November 2021 is quite far away...
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