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  1. The sad fact about Radiohead is that they've barely made a memorable track since OK Computer. Which was almost 20 years ago. And the few that do stand out, e.g. Everything in its Right Place and Reckoner, are mostly just good for the first 30 seconds before getting boring. They don't really have it in them to write great melodies, so they compensate by layering tons of 'complexity' and conceptual experimentation onto the records (and their career in general). I remember when Coldplay's Parachutes came out, Radiohead fans recommended it to me. I thought it was pretty good. Then when Rush of
  2. I haven't heard Ghost Story and All My Friends, but here is my review of the album and ranking of the songs. Overall I thought it was an excellent album and I've given it many spins already. The Sky Arts concert was great too. I'm not going to rank it against their other albums: IMO the important thing is that they're still in form. They've added some more truly great songs to their catalogue, something most famous bands stop doing by their 3rd album, never mind their 6th. O/Fly On - Beautiful, haunting track that makes an instant impression. Wonderful closer. Ink - Nice mellow track, ve
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