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  1. Parachutes or AROBTTH is probably the easiest answer and can understand why. But I'm a massive fan of Ghost Stories.
  2. Really digging A Head Full of Dreams at the minute, enjoyed them performing this live on the James Corden show last night. Maybe not the popular answer but still really enjoy listening to a lot of tracks from Ghost Stories.
  3. Fix you... [video=youtube;eGvnHC5xW9k]
  4. The Scientist... [video=youtube;oCr-eEddPq8]
  5. Would love a Xyloband please (UK).
  6. Amazing gig and a brilliant night. My spec... Roll on the next tour!!! :)
  7. Buzzing about tonight. On the 3pm rattler down to London.
  8. Really??? Genius given they are one of the worlds biggest band playing at a venue that holds 5,000!
  9. Gutted for those of you who are still trying or missed out. Congrats to those who have tickets... see you on the 2nd July! :)
  10. Think I owe you a large beer sir. Thanks for the heads up with the number.
  11. A recorded message a first asking to select options i.e. book tickets, then spoke to a female advisor. If i'd have known this method I would have tried this morning.
  12. Call this number whilst you're hitting refresh.... 0115 9934400 Waited a couple of mins before getting through and all sorted now.
  13. Legend!!!!!!!!!! Call this number and got one in the stalls. :)
  14. We are currently processing the maximum possible number of bookings we are able to handle at one time. You are being held on this page (which will refresh automatically in 17 seconds) until a space becomes available. You can attempt to access the booking page by manually refreshing as often as you like.
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