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  1. Being indecisive at purchase I have a pair of tickets each (4 total) in both sections 224A and 316 for the MetLife NJ/NY 7/17 date. Plans constantly changing so contact me if interested in exchanging/purchasing. I might be interested in trading the 2 224A tickets for 1 field ticket for either MetLife date.
  2. Use this thread for Coldplay fans to exchange/sell tickets to one another. _____ I was indecisive when purchasing so in the spur of the moment I purchased a pair of tickets in both sections 224A and 316 (both look like surprisingly good seats) for the MetLife NJ/NY 7/17 show. However my friend may not be able to take off from his job for the weekend of the concert so I might be interested in a straight trade of the pair of 224A tickets for a single field ticket for either NJ date, or possibly even the Philadelphia date. Any other ideas let me know.
  3. I was indecisive so I have pairs of (surprisingly great) tickets in both 224A and 316. Might be interested in selling/exchanging.
  4. Pretty easy to guess that a performance seen live by over 110 million people in the U.S. alone would crash a fan-site for the band :).
  5. Independence Day 2? Didn't notice that but will check it out. Edit: That commercial had the national anthem played. I'll check my recording of the game. Ah, X-Men: Apocalypse. The cover is by Clarity, and here's the full version of it:
  6. I'm a Global Citizen supporter but this just seems to be a plain white Global Citizen shirt, and not the colorful shirt Chris wore.
  7. I've been looking forward to this performance for a long time, and have to say while I didn't love it as much on first view it has definitely grown on me. Regardless, I do think they could've done better since I've seen superior live performances by the band -- it wasn't the best as expected. The set list could've been better as well: the version of Paradise they played was not stellar, and I think ASFOS would've fit much better in that slot. The band did seem to have a great time and even if the performance wasn't all I expected it to be, the Yellow opening was still a good nod to long-tim
  8. I think it's "forty million people," referring to Coldplay's 40 million Facebook fans.
  9. A Sky Full of Stars Viva La Vida Adventure of a Lifetime Paradise Clocks/Fix You mashup Uptown Funk Hymn for the Weekend Hopefully Yellow too.
  10. Really? I hear "if I die young," which fits into the "Adventure of a Lifetime" theme.
  11. Coldplay's energy levels at Rock in Rio 2011 were perhaps the highest of any Coldplay performance I can think of right now. The band seemed to really embrace the rock aspect of the festival, with an even harder guitar/drum-driven performance than usual. At least, the versions of some of these songs seem to have their rock factor amped up higher than the band typically performs them. This seems to be a great basis for their Super Bowl performance. Easily one of the times I've seen the band at their best: (Full performance - sorry for quality.) The quality of this video is much bet
  12. Yeah, I do think it works perfectly as-is but if she needed more lyrics for them to feel it to be worth adding her then I wouldn't mind it. Either Coldplay's management or Beyonce's management didn't want it to be a proper Beyonce track, it seems. It's definitely a business decision to not feature her.
  13. The sad part is that they could've given Beyonce a bit more to do, and it wouldn't have detracted from the song. I do think she is prominent enough to be featured, but I feel like this is more of a label/management issue. Beyonce's camp probably didn't find it beneficial for the song to be added to her discography.
  14. I'd assume they did that with Rihanna since by listing her in the author field it ties the song to her artist page, while Tove Lo being featured in the track name only ties the song to Coldplay's page. Meanwhile, Beyonce is all but a ghost.
  15. Shiver, Midnight, and Atlas are extremely unlikely. I'd say even Fix You has low odds.
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