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  1. So, i made a last minute decision to go the paris show and had to buy e tickets off viagogo. Im slightly worried the tickets might not be genuine because the quality isn't amazing. IS anyone else the same? Could anyone send me a photo of their e ticket? Obviously cover all the barcodes to be safe, so i could compare?
  2. Just listened to it and had to take it down as it's picked up all other system noise my mac was making like trash and iMessages coming in. If I get time I'll try again after I've disabled it
  3. Think I've managed to make a download for it. first time trying something like this so probably not perfect and someone could do a better job but for now it may be worth a try. https://app.box.com/s/2kufo1lq2ngx72hhqwyhldrcxm0vpn2b
  4. Don't get me wrong this has been great, but i am slightly disappointed at the setlist they picked. Suzanne was great but it would have been nice to hear a few different b sides or something different. Also hate how amazing day seems to get no love :(
  5. Ahhh damn, mine seems ok so far. Theres a few apps that may be worth a try if it doesn't fix soon!
  6. If your behind just refresh, it'll be worth missing 5 seconds to be back live
  7. Even if nobody buys them there is still an empty seat that could and should have gone to a coldplayer :cry:
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