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  1. just kinda wondering who in here would recognise me after being away for what feels like forever? :joy:
  2. I get pretty much all my CD's and vinyls off eBay :)
  3. The pink bottle is the Whatever It Takes wine they did for charity. Regarding the multiples.. The third Viva and first PM is actually the same case, the Viva La Vida - Prospekt's March edition, but then why i have two CD's of Viva and two of PM idk. The Ghost Stories ones are all different versions, and B&S are 2x EU and 1x US, and the second EU i bought only cause it was so cheap :p The MX albums is obviously the same, but won the second one on here so have one with each cover showing :)
  4. Here's my collection, excluding the 11 t-shirts and some other small stuff ;) Framed here is on the left, my Manchester (4th June) and 4x Wembley (15th, 16th, 18th & 19th June) tickets plus my all access wristband from the Sweden (3rd July) show where i volunteered for Oxfam #StandAsOne, and on the right is the setlist from the 16th of June at Wembley
  5. "Only got this moment, you and me. Guilty of nothing but geography" I my ears that sounds like a very poetic way of saying they're being intimate with eachother :dazzled::love:
  6. i can't here the resemblance at all, but fair enough.. :p
  7. Does anyone know what they'r actually saying? I've looked all over the internet but i cannot find anything... Everyone i ask comes up with different answers too. But if you don't know, please at least tell me what you hear :) I don't know why, but for some reason i've always sang it "Deep fried duck, edgy edgy" :dizzy2:
  8. THIS :braces::laugh3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLuI_-uUsA8
  9. Coldplay is back in Sweden tomorrow. Been four years since last time. I've been to six Coldplay concerts during that time, five in London. Due to that i wasn't planning on going tomorrow, mainly cause i couldn't afford it. But guess what! I'll get to go anyways, as an Oxfam volunteer! :D I love life right now :bliss::loveshower::smash::dance:
  10. Signed up for this, and will be volunteering for them at #ColdplayStockholm tomorrow ;)
  11. "The truth is that i miss you soooo...." "All i know is that i love you so, so much that it hurts"
  12. At work the other day I listened straight through all seven albums (inc. Prospekt's March) from Don't Panic to Up&Up, and you can really tell the difference as time goes by. It's a completely different band now compared to 1999
  13. Spontaneously singing a capella karaoke version of Viva La Vida over skype with @ritasfn :love: Gonna be plenty more of that in the future i'm afraid
  14. Netherlanders (Dutch) - as they apparently became thanks to #BREXIT and all the good weed they have down there :p
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