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Imagine my dismay.....


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......... when I got home last night to view my newly purchased dvd of the ever so popular Muse Glasto preformance this past year...and discovered IT DIDNT PLAY ON MY DVD PLAYER!!! :angry: :angry:



When I purchased it off of ebay.. the seller said it would play and ship to North American territories.. but it didnt! :cry: BUT ALAS!!! A friend of mine says there is a way to convert these dvds to play on my dvd player.. is this true??? And furthermore.. who invented these stupid 'territory' codes anyways... whats the big deal?? region 1, region 7, region 647585934476 I mean really! :angry: I was so upset.. I almost cried... :stunned: I am going to write an e-mail to that seller.. and see what he can do for me.. if not... i'll just stick to my original plan. :cool:


I just had to share my frustration.. oh and.. please let me know if this is true about the converting thing.. :cool: thanks!



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:laugh3: yeah... 'sux balls' bwwwahaaa!



This is the second time this happens to me. The first time I bough a cd/dvd single from the coldplay e-shop.. and I had no idea about the stupid region codes.. so I have yet to see this dvd..



needless to say... I can view it on a pc that plays dvds.. but as some of you may know.. :/ I wont be getting one til' christmas.. :cry:

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