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New album: 'Zero Theory' ???


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title and tracklist as follows:


Coldplay - Zero Theory



1. Square/1

2. Talk

3. Something Ain't Right

4. Fury

5. Till Kingdom Come

6. Blasphemy

7. What If

8. Echo My Name (I Can't Believe Your Gone)

9. X&Y

10.The Hardest Part

11.Deja Vu




I'm not sure what to believe... :huh: But the title 'Fury' does make me curious. I just hope the actual songs aren't going to be leaked.

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I hope they won't postpone the album. Right now I kind of need to have a specific (well, as specific as it gets with these kind of stuff) date in mind. Just so I have something to look forward to. Having an actual date makes it seem less far away. Makes the wait bearable, really.

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wtf :stunned:


Are you stunned by what I just said, by the names on the alledged tracklist or simply the idea that somebody leaked it? Or possibly something completely different? You're making me curious...

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Jeez, is this THE tracklist? But where's the famous "track twelve"? :huh:


That's the first thing I thought as well when I saw the tracklist. No track 12?


It could be possible that Track 12 is a hidden track, much like Life Is For Living, but I'm not so sure.


And a song called Deja Vu seems so.......bleh.

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