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$130G Strip Club Bill!?!?! True story...


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This might sound completely unbelievable.....but back in June, a man in

NYC visited the strip club Scores and ended the night with a $129,626

tab on his credit card.


Jesus, I can only wishhhh my credit card had that kind of limit! LOL


The article is here:




That site has tons of other crazy but true stories, kind of fun to read

thru when I have some down time at work. The same site also announced a

year-end special which should be pretty hilarious. It's suppose to air

next Thursday at 10pm on Court TV which seems odd????


Anyone else have some crazy-but-true stories to add here? My job is

boring today...



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Welcome to our not so humble board. ;)


I think the charge would have been worth it if there were guy strippers. And one of them was Jens Ryden or so.... but pity on the no touching rule. :(


As for other oddish stories check out: http://www.snopes.com


There are quite a few from Canada. Like they found this guy who had been dead for months and he was all mummified. Gotta love Canadian weather. Very preserving. :D

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