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Coldplay Callaboration


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A-ha take on Coldplay - Jan 18th


Coldplay have teamed up with A-ha - well one member of the Norwegian trio at least.


Mags, who now goes under the name of Magne, performed a showcase of his new material in London last night.


His solo album features collaborations with Ed Harcourt, Andy from Travis and Will and Guy from Coldplay.


Magne told us how it all came about:


"It's a friendship network really - with Coldplay we met in Barcelona on tour."


"It's a friendly thing and we then came to realise that they'd grown up as A-ha fans - we had sort of a mutual appreciation society happening!"


"They have been to Norway since, and as my kids are huge fans I could introduce them to their heroes - it was a weird time-warp situation!"

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