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^ that sounds very perverted :lol:

i didn´t want to sound like this albie :embarrased: :(

well may be ian is right too. could 'cause if it`s from your pc or from an url. :)


sorry my dear :cry:


I was just kidding :)

no problem i thought it. ;) anyways you are right, i could sound a bit :confused:

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It's because the external site is dodgy - try saving the pic to your hard drive and uploading it via your profile


coldplaying.com is much better at hosting pictures :wink3:





coldplaying.com is also great for getting out nasty grass stains from your dungerees... :wink3: and it stays crunchy in milk! ;)





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you roll your damn eyes too much



and in the words of the greatest rap trio to ever exisit.. Run DMC...


because you talk to too much... and you never shut up






my favorite song by them is Adidas :D

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