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Ah, thanks Cam :)


Btw, wtf's a B-side? lol. I mean, I know what it is, but what is, but what's the letter B stand for? Are there A-sides? D-sideS? Get my point? lol.



in the 'olden days' when singles were releases on 45's (little records) or even the 12" singles.. there was an a-side.. which was the "single" and on the other side (the b-side) there was an accompanying single. One that wasnt officially released as a single all by itself.. but as a 'b-side' to the singles. Now, in the 21st century...lol we still coin the phrase for cd singles as well. Even though the tracks are on one side.. they term is used.. :cool: same concept.. different times I suppose.. lol but when you purchase a vinyl version.. you can see.. it still says a-side b-side.. :cool:



that's all for today's lesson.. class dismissed! :cool3:

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also, a little known fact, a few years ago, you were able to have 4 songs on a CD and call it a Single. Now, because the record companies like to Squeeze every penny from the listeners and every song from their little Caged Monkeys, if it's any longer than a certain length, and has more than 3 songs on. It Has to be called an EP

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unfortunatly Coldplay is with EMI. And EMI is part of the RIAA, whom I hate. I hate supporting the RIAA, but I'm going to have to if I want to buy Coldplay albums. Did you know that only a few cents goes to Coldplay? The rest of the money goes to EMI which is f-fin' lame. I think the artist should at least get half of the money o_O


Ok, I'm not going into this because then I'll start preachin, lol.

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