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  1. I respect Nirvana and Cobain. Their music is good. I really like Smells Like Teen Spirit, and I don't really care about what everyone else says. Its a damn good tune with a damn good message! The band is overrated and underrated.
  2. The Thing that Came from Somewhere by Don Ross and Andy McKee
  3. For anyone who has heard of the legend (and if you haven't, look him up on youtube), do you know if anybody sells his first album, The Perc U Lator? I can't seem to find it anywhere after extensive looking. The only place I've found is Sheehan's Musical Instruments. Considering its an English site, and I'm from America, I'd prefer not to buy it from overseas. It might get a bit costly. I know I'm asking a pretty tough question, but if anyone knows anything, I'd appreciate it! Thanks a lot!
  4. I'm sure you've done it before without ever really noticing it. I don't know if its physically possible to actually breathe by filling your stomach with air, but when you inhale, don't make your upper torso expand, make your lower torso expand.
  5. I first heard about them from someone here! Sea Song has to be THE best Doves song, hands down!
  6. I forgot to mention Clocks on the piana! Everyone's favorite even though the radio killed it!
  7. I wasn't trying to downplay sheet music, although it did seem that way! I had sheet music experience with the trumpet for about a year. It was definitely fun and challenging to learn (because I'm slow, lol). It is definitely a good thing to know if you want to learn theory too. Theory might be annoying but its really fascinating because its almost like the "science of music" and how music works. I love theory, haha. Anyways, that's probably why I prefer using my ear over using sheet music. Its also why I'm probably not going to go to school for music either! I'm sheet music-retarded.
  8. Yes, good to know you get the message :). Be a MUSICIAN, not a GUITARIST. Anyways, something to become a well balanced musician would be to listen to a little bit of everything. Even stuff that you can't stand, because it'll help you define your specific sound. You'll need a sound to make it anywhere. Learn the basics of guitar on a student acoustic first, because then if you decide to switch over to electric, it'll be ten times easier. Don't have the "the-faster-the-better" attitude. Learn to play a song clearly as well as fast, if speed is indeed your thing. Just don't comp
  9. I'm not a singer, but I've had a little bit of very basic experience. You should draw in air from your diaphragm rather than your lungs. So essentially, instead of breathing where your chest expands and shoulders move up and down, you're breathing from your stomach and making your stomach "fill with air." You can practice that to avoid "singing from your head" where you'll probably get pretty dizzy and end up seasick. My highschool music teacher also recommended drinking water and/or hot tea. Hope it helps.
  10. No, I love Jazz. I'm just jealous that he has a vintage Jazzmaster. I played one of those remakes at a Sam Ash two years ago and I loved it. I'm sure the actual Jazzmaster is ten times more amazing! When I go big, I'm going to buy one ;)
  11. Eh I think they'll be alright. I like everything. I don't know a whole lot about other bands that write ambient music to be honest. But when I first started writing, that was the kind of stuff I wanted to write. You know, adding lots of reverb and cool chord progressions and what not. Turns out I just became another acoustic/modern composer. Oh well! Give my myspace stuff in my signature a listen some day, maybe you'll like it, maybe not! Oh and, you're welcome haha.
  12. Amazing progressions with that reverse-y effect. Almost reminds me of a not-weird Like Spinning Plates. Those arpeggiated piano riffs near the middle are pretty cool too. Kind of reminds me of something Matt Bellamy would do since he's the kind of arpeggios lol. Good stuff though! It does sound like Radiohead a little bit but who cares? I like it man, I'll give your other stuff a listen when I get some more free time!
  13. I hate Johnny for having that vintage Jazzmaster :(. I also remember hearing a while back that the Martin Chris used for AROBTTH is discontinued.
  14. Never throw away stuff you've written! I'll listen to it! So what if it sounds like Radiohead? YOU wrote it not them.....you DID write it, right?! j/k. Post it up and let us take a listen.
  15. I just got into modern fingerstyle techniques (two handed slaps) and I wanted to buy a cheap guitar that I could beat up while I learn how to play. I found a 40 dollar pawn shop Lark (supposedly an old sub-manufacturer of Kay). The tailpiece is adjustable as is the neck. Now the string height is way high, and if I set it any lower, I get an undesirable buzz on the open D and G strings to the point where it is unplayable. The neck's got a bit of back bow which I think causes the buzzing, so I figured if I loosened the truss rod a bit, I could lower the tailpiece. And THEN I could make thi
  16. Guitar, Bass, Piano, a little bit of Trumpet, and the Didgeridoo (lol j/k).
  17. That's pretty awesome. Now are you still gonna play it? ;)
  18. Thank you. I read lots of news articles about it coming from both sides. They all basically said the same thing. I was hoping you guys would know more information, guess you're just as in the dark about the whole thing as everyone else :(.
  19. Coming from an unbiased musician, I've heard both songs and I respect both artists. Chris and Joe's melody sound almost the same. And yeah, music theory-ily speaking, both songs are very similar. But whether or not Chris copied off of Satch or not is beyond me! Its not our place to judge I guess. Could be coincidence, could be plagiarism. We'll probably never know for sure!
  20. I remember seeing a paparazzi photo of him a long time ago riding a Vespa, lol.
  21. Ughhhh... Not sure if any of you remember me, but I used to visit here often back in the day. I stopped being such a crazy Coldplay fan for a few years so I didn't see the need to come here any more. But I've began to listen to them again once Viva La Vida came out (which was alright, too poppy for my tastes though). Three or so years out of the loop and now I hear Satch is suing Coldplay for plagiarism? What the hell is going on???
  22. Eagle131


    I used to come here all the time back in the day until I grew apart from Coldplay. I was utterly disappointed with X&Y and moved on to other bands like Muse, Radiohead, Killswitch Engage, etc. I pulled out my old Coldplay albums the other day though and kind of rediscovered them. Parachutes is just one of their most amazing albums I think. So I dunno if anyone really will remember me, as I see a few familiar faces, but I will be popping in here from time to time from now on. Feels pretty cool to be back here, things have changed quite a bit. Looking forward to havin' a good time!
  23. Eagle131


    Wow, I haven't been here for like so long! Coldplaying.com has really changed! Yeah, so if any of you actually remember me, I'm that guy who said he'd share all his Coldplay boot legs, and then mysteriously left haha. I can honestly say that my obsession with Coldplay diminished after X&Y was released, and I got into other bands like Muse, Shannon Wright, Modest Mouse, and a few other indie bands and such. So yeah, I just recently rediscovered Parachutes and forgot that it was such an awesome album! I'm thinking of doing a few covers off that album....maybe Don't Panic, or We Never Ch
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