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'Sleeping with danger's daughter'


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this is the title of the new album out october 31st, i will post the lyrics for the tracks used as we record them, so far we have these, in order of track list.


New Song 'AIM' i wrote this a few weeks back and just mastered the music for it.




'If you loved me, would you kiss me,

If you loved me say you'll be with me,

cuz everytime i look into your eyes,

Hunny they remind me where i wanna be'


©: I wanna be free,

I wanna be Me,

I wanna wake up beside you in the morning (x2)


V:2: as we looked at each other the sky turned black,

babe i gotta feelin' we ain't turning back

maybe soon the sky will turn blue again, maybe....


© (x2)


'He touches her'


When i think about all the things that i've done wrong in my life i suddenly realise,

that the only thing i did right was you

but you want him and at my party you chat him up

and he touches her breast,

as she unbuttons her dress

and now im crying'


© 'tell me you love me all the way back to when we loved,

no, no, no you don't

don't let him touch you, because


turns into obscenity,

and in the rage i kill him'


'turning your back just to know his name

everything must change if we want to make out here tonight,

spreading rumors, and

fighting the tremors' (palm silent)

'well you said to me, in a place like my own

bring it to your own place, in a place like this'


© x2


'A secret for ms. to be mrs.'


I thought i was falling for you from the start,

now all i'm doing is falling apart,

you're all i've got left and all I let go off today

listen to me and forget what they say

there's nothing more to decide

this is your last chance to fall in love with me

we'd have nothing to hide

walk away....


© Just one more minute

is all i need to let you know

but im on the bus, and the minute grows further and further apart, i watch you fade into the distance.


I wanna take you away...

to a little place underneath the stairs,

we took trips away

to the circus and to the fairs

i took your breath and you're near

closer to the atmosphere

if i gave you a secret, babe you've gotta keep it







everything, has changed, everything

has been changed everything

must be alright anything

Hold on to....everything




'when the rain splashes at our feet

Im dreaming all the while,

that tear falls nice an neat

looking into you eye

you have true beauty inside and out

i have nothing if you're not here i can't live without




yeeeeaah, lalala, yeeeeaah


our love is pure,

i know that eventually we will be together

but if you can't hold on....


lalalala lala, lalalala lala




oh yeah lala



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